S&B #4


  1. Chris Thrailkill

    I love this mini. you guys get it

  2. B

    Meta-commentary: type of commentary often used in the cartoons of the new yorker

  3. Mrcsh

    These minis are great. Are they harder to come up with than the comics you usually do? I always find it harder to write something short and effective.

  4. Sean

    Thanks, Mrcsh! These particular strips were already planned for a while, but yeah, the smaller panel layout would definitely be a problen for me (but a godsend for Brandon!)

  5. Brandon

    I wouldn’t say easier. I do have less space to fit things. With the normal comics, I can just add as much space as I want.

  6. nicky

    Heh … Moon Knight could breath in space if he wanted to … he just doesn’t wanna. <_<

  7. Romanticide

    The fact that I am a shortpacked fan only makes this funnier 😀

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