I am Aqualad (Black)
June 29th, 2010

I am Aqualad (Black)


  1. Alex

    I know the Hal one is based from a comic, are the other two as well?

  2. Rhymer

    Yep, the Batman one is from Batman #472, which is all about the gang problem of Gotham and how Bruce is fighting his prejudices concerning the Afro-American youth. Real deep stuff by Steve Englehart. I’m surprised this story is still remembered.

  3. Rai

    Well that’s just the sort of thing awkward-insecure-dork-Spider-Man-in-New-Avengers would do, so I could definitely picture it happening if it hasn’t already.

    When Marissa posed that last question, a bunch of white-guy stereotypes popped into my head. I honestly never thought about the meta-stereotype, but it’s so true, comics love doing that.

  4. MrGBH

    At least comics have stopped putting the word black in the name of every superhero who happens to be black.

    As to the joke, I could think of about thirty times when Deadpool has made use of that stereotype.

  5. Hamdinger

    Hilarious stuff! You guys need to be more famous!

  6. Linda

    All this is missing is a panel based on Lois Lane’s “I am Curious – Black” story.


    The punchlines were pretty good, but having Josh explaining everything to the super racially sensitive Marissa just felt a little preachy to me.

    But, really, when it comes to race issues, I don’t find a lot that ISN’T preachy, so it isn’t really your fault. Good comic, guys.

  8. Alex T

    So wait… in the comics, new AquaLad really can’t swim?!

  9. Sean

    Nah, it turned out to be a misdirect. The new Aqualad was taught by his adoptive parents all his life to stay away from water, because if he went near it, his people (evil Atlanteans from another dimension) would be able to find him.

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