Full leather jacket
July 12th, 2010

Full leather jacket


  1. BornIn1142

    Hmmm. You know, even though I pretty much agree with the point of view that the whiners need to cram it, I didn’t find this strip very funny. The punchline falls flat, and the strawman’s complaints do not provide much humor by themselves. Oh, well.

  2. Sean Whitmore

    Hee, “strawman”. Don’t I wish.

  3. B

    go get it josh!

  4. Styphax

    Thank you. Thank you all so much. These past few weeks I’ve been embarrassed to be a comic book fan with the way fans have been reacting to everything. I know nerds are opposed to any kind of alteration in things they love. But between Mark Waid pulling an Alan Moore (Sort of) and the amount of hate poured at Jim Lee (Talentless hack is one word I saw go around quite often) is just horrible. So thank you.

  5. John A Arkansawyer

    Do I detect a Hold Steady fan?

  6. MrGBH

    It’s gotten to #600? Really? I got bored of her after reading one trade paperback.

  7. Clemfold

    Respectfully disagree 1142, I laughed at the punchline, although for me the punchline is Joyce in panel 7 rather than the kiss. That’s what you meant too right?

  8. ShadowWing Tronix

    Awww, I thought they’d make a cute couple.

    I have my problems with the new “direction”, although mostly the reasoning behind it if you’ve read the interviews, but isn’t this supposed to be temporary for this story arc?

  9. Sean

    I’ve heard it referred to as a 12-month arc, but I’m not sure if that’s been said by anyone official.

    I’m…I don’t wanna say optimistic, because that suggests more enthusiasm than I have for the story…open to it. If nothing else, I do agree with JMS that the character and mythos is due for a shakeup, even if only temporary.

  10. para

    amusing. not BWAHAHA funny, but amusing. i dunno, WW always seemed like a character who _should_ be iconic, but never was. i’d be all in for a reboot. but: deaging her and turning her into a 90s street vigilante? really, JMS? then again, JMS’s superman is WALKIN THE HARD ROAD THRU THE REAL AMERICA YEAH ’cause some crazy woman bitched at him for not curing her husband’s brain tumour, so…meh. either way, this should be an interesting train wreck to watch.

    on a side note, S&B? comicsalliance has an interview with Jeff Parker today: atlas is dying at #5. you guys totally called it. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. bpop

    While I think that the discussion about the new costume is completely stupid, I kinda have to agree about JMS having an overblown ego. I feel like he sells his runs in Superman and WW as the new discovery of boiled water. I don’t really care much about WW, but the whole idea of his Superman run (Oh, God, I have lost sight of the REAL people!) has been done time and time again and it’s been proven to be the worst Superman story ever. Doesn’t help that his story in Superman 700 is awful.

    But then again, I hate JMS because of his run in Spider-Man. So, yeah…

    Anyway, great strip!

  12. Linda

    That fanrage reaction makes me laugh so hard. Wonder Woman’s “Millions” of fans…barely 800 of which sent in postcards to Didio for that drive to get her book renumbered for issue 600.

    I’ve given Wondy a fair shake, really I have. I’ve read Gail’s whole run and…well, I just don’t see the allure. Dropped it before 600, though, because goodness knows I don’t have to buy a comic I’m not enjoying, and I’m not a fan of JMS’s writing.

  13. bojak90

    I will admit that I’m not terribly hopeful for the new story arc. I think a lot of the comments made on both sides have been silly (the costume does make me giggle though with the W fists and the fact that it’s supposed to be more realistic but looks tighter and more uncomfortable to walk around in than a lot of other superheroine costumes). If the storyline actually explores the significance of the timestream being altered (and thereby bringing up the importance of Wonder Woman to the DC Universe) it could be good, even excellent but i just get a gimmicky feel.

    I did kind of enjoy Simone’s run but the issues I read were always rack reads, I didn’t pick up a subscription or pick them up on the first day. I personally thought the albino gorilla knights were cool and that plotline with the creepy school kids was kind of cool but something always seemed off that kept me from getting engaged (I love Secret Six, so it’s definetly not Simone’s writing ability). Honestly, I think something is just up with the character (WW could be kickass and a real hero, I’m not contesting that), the mythos, or something, that keeps the comic from being awesome to me.

    600 was pretty cool though. Perez artwork is something i always like to see and the Amanda Connor story was a nice treat since I was a big fan of Power Girl.

    As for the strip (sorry i rambled so long), I liked it. The last three panels put a big smirk on my face

  14. Rai

    Comic numbering isn’t very helpful, never has been. Just forget reboots and cancellations and revamps and rebrands. Wonder Woman has had 600 comics, sure, why not. I sure as hell am not going to count them to verify that. Deadpool has 600+ comics too. Anybody questioning that yet? Apparently not.

    I agree that the strip looks like it should have ended three panels earlier, unless that last bit is actually a setup for plot development. Though I can’t really see any development other than Joyce actively avoiding Josh for a good long while, which wouldn’t even change the character dynamic, for the most part.

  15. lead sharp

    EVERYTHING in that is true 😀 Applause with a full chorus of MORE MORE!

    I actually think the new look is pants and the direction is unimaginative twaddle but mainly from an aesthetic and subjective perspective. If it works Hooray! WW becomes a relevant character again! Or just relevant come to think of it.

    I agree as well that the re numbering is a load of bum. This should have had a issue one and then when things returned to normal (which they will lets face it) go back to the original numbering.

  16. Ichya

    Wow…hate everywhere…gotta love it. Love the comic and even more an update! Read through this bad boy in a couple days! Great stuff, keep the updates coming. Also, I started reading through Shortpacked…shameless plug.

  17. Dreadjaws

    I, for one, like Wonder Woman, loved the animated movie, and haven’t read this comic for lack of oportunity rather than fan rage. Still, it does seem gimmicky and temporary (remember the white ninja disco costume she wore once?), and reading the author’s interview about his reasons for the change I couldn’t help but notice a massive ego lurking behind all he said.

    Also, the strip is fantastic, I don’t know why so many complaints in the comments. I think the punchline is great and Josh’s reaction is wonderful.

  18. MrGBH

    White ninja disco costume? Okay, you have got to find a picture of that to share.

  19. SKJAM!

    Part of the problem with the Wonder Woman comic book in the modern era has been that almost every new writer on the book has felt the need to *immediately* shake up the status quo and discard all the character development of the previous author. Simone for whatever reason (either editorial mandate or integrity, maybe both) was one of the few that actually took the previous status quo and gradually developed it in her preferred direction. Sadly, since the status quo Simone started from was so abysmal, perhaps it was a little too gradually.

    And sure enough, as soon as Wondy looks to be more or less back on her feet, *wham* the new writer feels the need to immediately shake up the status quo and discard all the character development of the previous author. And he’s reusing the “destroy Themiscrya/decimate the Amazons” plot device yet *again*, for what is at least the fifth time in the last decade.

    I’m cool with the pants though.

  20. Sean

    It could be argued that that’s evidence of Wonder Woman lacking a really compelling story engine to begin with. Messner-Loebs, Byrne, Rucka, and JMS are really solid storytellers (and so is Heinberg, when he’s not phoning it in), and every one of them felt the need to rejigger the status quo. To varying degrees of success, granted, but I think that’s pretty telling.

  21. Linkara

    To me it’s not so much telling of the character but the writers. And Rucka’s run had a pretty solid storyline going for it, IMHO. It wasn’t so much “shake up the status quo” as much as “tell good stories that follow from their actual characterization.”

    However, there’s been a movement in the past five years among writers that somehow she’s “not human” and needs to be “brought down to earth.” The first part is just eye-rolling – even if she wasn’t biologically human, no one ever yells that Superman isn’t human enough. The second assumes that her mystical roots and the greater Greek mythology she stems from is somehow something to avoid – but these are superhero comics – love the lavishly ludicrous!

  22. Pablo

    i have the very same opinion than joyce

  23. Dreadjaws

    This is the one I was talking about, I think:

    Because she wasn’t actually limited to one costume, she got it changed regularly, like a damn Barbie or that model in that comic (Millie?).

  24. shadowbladeprime

    I don’t think he has such a big ego probablt because 1) i’m a B5 fan and 2) i would have done the same thing if i found out they were about to demolish Asgard

  25. Lightning Lord


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