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July 22nd, 2010

All a-Twitter


  1. BornIn1142

    My bet is Irredeemable. Waid’s a big Superman fan, he probably objected to an analogue turning evil and killing lots of people. That book is just so damn cynical.


  2. Ciro

    Good one.

  3. B

    did joyce had an hearth attack?

  4. Alex

    I recall when Infinite Crisis was coming out and an interview with a writer (Waid, maybe?) stated that it would make DC a ‘happier’, more Silver Age place, and try to get away from the grimm going ons of the current era. Even at the time I was trying to figure out how they were going to do that by killing off people left and right.

  5. beta ray steve

    I think the quote was “Our glorious new future will be bathed in the blood of innocents”.
    Or was that the Red Skull?

  6. MrGBH

    X-Men has always killed off its members left and right. None of them ever stay dead anyway.
    Remember, no-one stays dead except for Uncle Ben, Bucky and Jason Todd.
    Wait a sec.

  7. Brianobx

    uh, Irredeemable

  8. Rai

    You noticed the “civillians” part of Josh’s description? Yeah, no more empty buildings on a Sunday when a super-battle. And they ain’t coming back. That goes for unpopular D-listers like Mattie Franklin too. “Who?” Exactly.

  9. Pablo

    brightest day should be called ¨slaughterest day¨

  10. Zai

    I was so sure that this one would include a hilariously violent confrontation between Josh and Joyce’s boyfriend. Tune in next time, maybe?

  11. Touch of Grey

    DON’T LEAVE US MARK! There are still a few good books out there! Booster Gold is almost happy again! Then there’s Birds of Prey, which is one of the few books I can find whose art and writing are both awesome, others being Batgirl and Gotham City Sirens. And, uh…well, Welcome to Tranquility just started so there isn’t much to say on it just yet, and Zatanna is pretty good so far…DAMN IT SUPERHERO COMICS. I -know- there are more good titles left than that!

  12. James Figueiredo

    Oh, thank you so much for that!

  13. Munkiman

    On the bright side, because there are so few good comics left I don’t have to spend too much money every Wednesday!

  14. B

    Like atlas, hickman’s f4, and, and,… well anything that morrison writes. And there is also the new young avengers, avengers academy, astonishing SM&Wolvie. Ultimate SM is still a good read. Invincible iron man is great. S.H.I.E.L.D. is amazing. And Thanos Imperative rules. Please Mr. Waid don’t leave us. Superhero comics aren’t irredeemable. there’s still hope. but we need your help. you can help us save Amazing Spider-Man from needing One More Day again. Or being in One Moment In Time for that matter.

  15. Radlum

    Waid is overreacting. Of course there are many “grim” and violent books out there, but it’s not like there aren’t heroic books anymore. Also, just because minor characters die or heroes act unheroically, it doesn’t mean that the comic book is inmediately bad; the same goes for books in which heroes act like such.

  16. hermit

    problem is, people are still buying those crappy books because ‘they bought it since they were 10 years old’. because of that, they’ll make them as they are forever.

    it’s like The Simpsons. i still watch the show, but damn it it’s bad.

  17. bojak90

    I know that’s why I gave up comic books…actually I’m just broke. Booster Gold is still good (though lot’s of civs got slaughtered and even a suicide occured when the writing team changed, though they made up for it). Brightest Day though…ugh. I was actually looking forward to it but damn if every issue I read before quitting made me face palm whenever someone would just go ballisitc (I heard Miss Martian died which adds another body to the pile of dead Titans and takes a happy character out of the mix).

    Power Girl was also pretty good 1-12 though I didn’t read any of the new stuff.

  18. Warriors4

    That is all

  19. Dreadjaws

    I gave up on The Simpsons entirely, but I still find some comic books enjoyable. That being said, my purchases have diminished considerably over the years and are very scarce now.

  20. James Bag

    When will Marissa review Scott Pilgrim 6?

  21. Darkseid

    It’s strange that Waid hadn’t heard about Incredible Hercules, Guardians of the Galaxy and Power Girl.

  22. Brandon Hanvey

    >>When will Marissa review Scott Pilgrim 6?

    We have Scott Pilgrim #6 themed comic coming up in the next few days.

  23. Ichya

    only two comic updates in July…I need more funny…

  24. Sean

    My fault, I’m sorry to say. But I’m gonna get back on track, and start pumping out scripts on a more regular basis!

    Funny is still a couple years away.

  25. Ichya

    all good man! I enjoy the comic and it gives me good references to check out comics I missed and some I should just stay away from. Keep up the great work!

  26. allari

    Good Show! 🙂 but what about us cartoonist fans?.
    We who straddle the no-man´s-land between superheroes, manga and the serious Graphic Novel stuff?
    Of which Comic Critics is a great example 🙂

  27. Gcat

    I’ve been trying to get away from mainstream characters because of this kind of stuff. But then people talk about “Blackest Night” and “Brightest Day” and then I buy them. Then they bring back characters I love and next thing I know I’m reading X-Men comics, after a long struggle to cut the cord (They should have left Kitty in the Bullet!)
    I’m trying to stay away from ongoing DC or Marvel lines. One shots and minis are ok. It’s so hard to get out of buying what you always been buying.

  28. Maki P

    So THAT’S where Irredeemable came from!

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