Toys and their boys
August 6th, 2010

Toys and their boys


  1. Alex

    Ah, many are the times I’ve had these types of conversations with my wife.

  2. algeya

    thats the comicon exclusive Hasbro mighty muggs iron man with a flip-up mask!!!!!
    everyone at the con got one

  3. Linda

    Josh’s website must have some awesome viewers to get ahold of that swag for free.

  4. Sean

    I have it on good authority that Josh paid out the ass for his swag. At least I hope so, cause I sure did.

  5. B

    why’s joyce being so nice to josh?

  6. The Alliterator

    Yeah, you’d think Joyce would have a restraining order filed by now. I guess she’s the type to repress the trauma… Or maybe the Iron Man scare was intentional, and she’s getting him back in her own way.

  7. Rai

    She recovered from her paralysis with no memories. Or she must like him more than she lets on. Given their level of acquaintance, the kissing stunt ought to be enough to create awkwardness, but not enough to call for a restraining order. Instead she doesn’t seem to mind. Good news for Josh.

    And maybe we’ll get to see a relationship with actual chemistry develop. Unlike Marissa and whatshisface.

  8. Dreadjaws

    Ha, the ending was great, although people new to Comic Critics aren’t gonna get it.

  9. MrGBH

    Yay for Starro!
    What? I like Starro. He’s fought the JLA and the Avengers.

  10. K

    Yeah! Imdemand more iron man hallucinations!


    Starro fought the Avengers?

    I’m assuming a crossover event…or Marvel just got REALLY ballsy at some point.

  12. Alex T

    LOL @ Chibi Iron Man!

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