The birds and the Bumblebees
August 15th, 2010

The birds and the Bumblebees


  1. Rai

    For a second it looked like Marissa was worried that they were transitioning to a gamer webcomic. “What are you doing? Put down that controller and pick up that…uh…action figure!? Someone get a comic in here!”

    It seems the sparks are obvious now though. Let it be, Marissa. Whatever happens should be entertaining.


    This should be interesting. I’m betting, Josh blows it. I know Josh. He’s always hanging out in my mirror, the fucker.

  3. Touch of Grey

    Oho, hello next actual story arc! Fancy meeting you here.

  4. Dreadjaws

    I’m pretty sure the next actual story arc started a couple comics ago.

    So, apparently Josh’s spontaneous kiss awoke some feeling in Joyce after all. Also, how’s War for Cybertron? I haven’t played it yet.

  5. MrGBH

    Maybe she could just get a costume of one of the X-Men? Maybe of X-23. Or the standard Shadowcat/Armour design?

  6. B

    that’s not a crush. she’s pretending that she is a transformers fan!!! that’s LOVE

  7. Sean

    Also, how’s War for Cybertron? I haven’t played it yet.

    I wish I knew! 🙁 I only have the Wii, and their offering can only generously be considered a poor man’s version of the real game.

  8. Sean

    Maybe she could just get a costume of one of the X-Men? Maybe of X-23. Or the standard Shadowcat/Armour design?

    It’s a risky move. She might choose to dress up as someone like Pixie, catapulting Josh into a coma of disinterest.

  9. B

    is joyce trying to copy josh’s expressions or is it just a coincidence?

  10. Alex

    War for Cybertron is fun enough, I guess, but has a very short single player. Also, it’s supposed to be adopted as official cannon, but what the hell does that mean, what with the all of the different G1 timelines out there? WfC doesn’t really mesh 100% with any of them.

    You can’t go wrong with a Black/White Queen outfit. Just saying.

  11. Sean

    The whole claim of “official canon” for Transformers always makes me think of Superman continuity. Every so often, a new story comes along that DC claims if the new official version of Superman’s backstory. And you just pat them on the head like a puppy and say, “Sure it is, sure it is. Good boy.” And then you just wait for the next one.

  12. ThatNickGuy

    I like this developing story/relationship. Keep it up!

  13. bothworlds

    OH NOES, YOU PULLED THE DRAMA TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Linda

    This romance is already doomed, and neither of them know it yet.

    That said, if I can pretend to be interested in Transformers for my boyfriend, you can do it too, Joyce! Come on girl! It might be worth it!

  15. tredlow

    Nah. This feels more like the “Awkward Sitcom Romance Tag” than the Drama Tag.

  16. chudleycannonfodder

    I’m looking forward to where this is going, but I hope we get to see Marissa’s review; I kinda miss their video reviews and really want to see her take on the last volume and movie.

  17. The Alliterator

    What happened to Joyce’s boyfriend, the H.E.A.T. guy? I don’t really see Joyce two-timing him, so either he’s been unceremoniously written out or Marissa’s really misinterpreting her kindness. Either way, two awful movies have made Transformers fans a noble, long-suffering bunch. The flame decals on Optimus alone are enough to make my inner child weep tears of energon.


    I was about to razz on the Alliterator, but then realized the ‘Man-Thing’ movie put me in exactly the same boat as him.

    I understand, Alli.

  19. shadowbladeprime

    well it’s a real fans game drops a lot of G1 references in their for exmaple sliverbolts fear of heights and the cassettebots. One things for sure its a heck of a lot better than bayformers

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