Foreshadow dancing
August 29th, 2010

Foreshadow dancing


  1. JG



    But tell us how you REALLY feel, Sean.


    And Brandon, too! You are both equally important and valued in opinions! I don’t wanna pull a Yoko, here…I mean, not that I *would* if I could, as that would entail…

    Rambling. I enjoyed this comic, it was very well done.

  4. KainGerc

    i think the “almost-but-not-quite-superman” thing got really old after 3-4 seasons, that and the never ending puns.

    oh, and micheal shanks in a hawkman costume doing a Christian Bale “batman” voice…. “facepalm”.

  5. KainGerc

    great comic, by the way

  6. Nas

    Hahahahaha!! You guys are Awesome.

  7. Touch of Grey

    I, I don’t get it…

  8. Dreadjaws


    This is fantastic! How can you not get it, Grey? Haven’t you seen Smalville? I refuse to explain the joke, because… well, because you mustn’t explain jokes, but here’s a clue: the “winks” in the series are not literal, but plenty.

    OK, I think I ended up explaining it, dammit…

  9. KainGerc

    actual quote from the show:

    Clark Kent: My family doesn’t fly much.
    Lex Luthor: Trust me – that’s about to change.


  10. B

    the only problem i have right now is in understanding the last panel. is it a way of saying that the winks in smallville are getting old? and is it just me or in 2008 we start to see Tom’s “little” eye problem?

  11. Greg Manuel

    I wish I understood how a TV series that was basically Kal-El’s Creek managed to last this long, but this strip was just on point. NICELY done, gentlemen!

  12. Linda

    You should have known that the winking was going to get more intensive when Geoff Johns started writing episodes, Tom!

  13. Brandon Hanvey

    I stopped watching Smallville during the 1st season. It just didn’t click with me.

    Yes Tom’s eye is starting to show some effects in 2008.

  14. ThatNickGuy

    Hey, remember when Smallville was a good, watchable show?

    Yeah, neither do I.

  15. adam ford

    Nice one guys. Made milk come out my nose.

  16. Touch of Grey

    Ohh, it’s because the actor is old? I really only watched this show whenever Michael Rosenbaum was onscreen, and never with the sound on. I prefer my eye candy QUIET and SEXY.

  17. Rai

    It’s not so much the age of the actor as the frequency of the “winks”. The winks are figurative in reality, and the comic shows the result if they were literal. A similar joke could be suggesting they “kiss up” to the fans a lot, then in the last panel their lips fall off. Does it make sense now?


    Touch of Grey, we agree on something.

    Brandon, when you answered me, I thought you were just laughing maniacally in all caps. Made me laugh for a moment, and yeah, I wasn’t a regular with it, either. Hey look, young adult demographic, Clark Kent is just like you guys! He goes to -POPULAR BAND- just like anyone else who’s hip and with it! After all, -POPULAR SLANG-….right?!

  19. MrGBH

    I used to like Smallville.

    Emphasis on the ‘used to’.

  20. Red

    Hehe. The best part is that while the winks to the audience in Smallville are nods to the comics, the fact they’re actually winking in this comic is ALSO a nod to the comics in that Superman used to do that at the end of every comic in the golden and occasionally in the silver age.

  21. MrGBH

    Finally got around to watching Scott Pilgrim. My best friend said it was quite possibly the best film ever. I say it is the best film ever.

  22. Kwame

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t do the “What are you Clark man or superman.” that was a little too on the nose.

  23. Sean Whitmore

    Honestly, Kwame, I think if we’d used that, people would have accused us of over exaggerating. 🙂

  24. Gordon

    I never really had a problem with Smallville it was actually pretty good, but again if you take a comic book character and tweak it even slightly people will go nuts

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