September 5th, 2010



  1. Styphax

    This one made me laugh very hard.

  2. ChriSait

    Pure lolz, for sure.

  3. Nikolai


    Ah, I remember when Daredevil comics read like it was coming out of a vertigo lineup… glory days!

    I’d like to see a Batman/Stark showdown, a la comic critics!

    BTW, who’s the guy in the first 2 panels?

  4. Sean

    That’s Steve Rogers in his current getup, Nikolai! 🙂

  5. chudleycannonfodder

    Overall I really enjoyed the comic, but I think the random bit that hit me the most was Moon Knight’s eyes. Even without the rest of the face to work with (or maybe because), the eyes make such a great reaction to Batman.

  6. Farson

    I liked this one, particularly Aunt May as the Joker.

    But now I want Batman Inc. to start sooner…

  7. Nas

    The Moon Knight panel’s the best! Another great strip, gentlemen.

  8. ADHadh

    “First off, stop breathing in space.”

  9. MrGBH

    Pfffft, as if Steve Rogers would even want to be Batman. Steve’s a better fighter and tactician, even the original Batman admitted it.
    The rest were funny though. And the first made me laugh until I realised who it was.

  10. Linda

    I am sad that you didn’t include the new bat-codpiece on bruce’s costume.

  11. RaijinK

    This one was awesome. Each and every panel borught another laugh. It reinforces the theory that Batman is Comedy Gold.

  12. Deuorld

    Batman is not comedy Gold.
    Its Just Plain , pure, valuable Gold, in every aspect.

    And Steve Rogers will be honored to be Batman.
    The Panel with MoonKnight is Priceless


    Running joke with Daredevil? I’m all for that! But where are his AIM pants? Those are hilarious on him, for some reason.

    And I’ve always wanted to see Moonie in Gotham.

  14. Ichya

    Gold…pure gold!

  15. Sean Whitmore

    I never considered it, but I have to admit, now I wish I’d asked for Dardevil to be in his AIM pants.

  16. Kancer

    Good times!

  17. Nikolai

    Daredevil in AIM pants is the way to go.
    Out of comic book context, that sounds like a sex joke.

  18. Tobias

    Why’s Batman trying to avoid Stark, if anything he should be serving him notice for stealing the batmobile

  19. Greg Manuel

    BRILLIANT Daredevil callback!

  20. Citizen Leo

    What’s even funnier is that Daredevil can’t actually SEE Pete’s BatSuit, anyway.

  21. DickGraysonisBruceWayneasBatman

    Wow, This is how Batman Inc. Will End Up, and the Moon Knight Joke, Pricelss

  22. nicky

    Haha …….. I … I like Moon Knight. =(

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