Several Ultra-Boring Moments In Time
September 20th, 2010

Several Ultra-Boring Moments In Time


  1. Jonny

    I don’t get it.

  2. Farson

    This strip pretty much sums up my feelings on OMD-OMIT. I’m seriously not bothering with Spiderman anymore, it might sound like fanboy bitching but the comic is ruined. Not because MJ is gone, but because Peter Parker, the guy always going on about responsibility, made a deal with the devil for selfish reasons. Regardless of how good future Spidey stories might be the character is eternally tainted in my eyes. Kinda like if a long time friend came over to your house and shit on your carpet, he might never have done anything like that before and he won’t ever again but you still wouldn’t invite him back over.

  3. MrGBH

    We in England have just gotten past Secret Invasion. And I’ve gotta say, Spidey’s gone a bit downhill recently. It was quite good during Brand New Day (Not great or anything) and the Jackpot storyline had gained my interest. But the whole thing smells of “WE wanted to do a new Spidey, but Marvel wouldn’t let us make a new comic, so we’ll just retcon the current one instead”.

    AS an aside, what have I got to look forward to?

  4. Paul

    I love this site and this comic(and the one a couple before it) is a prime example why.

    I was actually able to tolerate One More Day.

    Marvel said, “Let’s have a new status quo.”

    I said, “Fine, I’ll give it shot. I love Spider-Man. Deal with Space Satan was dumb but whatever. I’ll ride this horse.”

    I stayed with the book until the “Gauntlet” issue with the Black Cat Back-up. It was where they did those “Smallville winks” in the main and back-up about him having a wife at one point.

    “Ugh, I’m done.”

    I decided to read One Moment in Time just to see if it would make me feel any better. I had nearly the exact same conversation as Josh does, especially that second to last panel.

    The story of Peter Parker in One Moment in Time does have some closure for long time fans, but did anyone notice how much it did to make Mary Jane a tool. Her portrayal borders on misogyny. Move over Eve, there’s a new female to blame all of your woes, weaknesses, and missteps on.

    But it’s all okay because she “sets him free” (to have relationships with other women while simultaneously always waiting for him).


    Sorry, that little personal experience probably got way off topic there. I’ll just reiterate. I love this strip and this particular sampling is a prime example why.

  5. KainGerc

    this comic had two goals
    the retcon: everything that happened with peter’s life until OMD really happened except he and MJ weren’t married they were just dating (which still doesn’t really make sense).
    the super-villan: MJ is evil and is the reason peter made a deal with the devil and is still alone and miserable

  6. KainGerc

    so yeah, it can pretty much be used as a toilet brush

  7. The Alliterator

    I’m still open to the possibility that all the Spider-Man writing of the past few years has been part of some twisted sociological experiment to see how severely Marvel can alienate its fan base over a sustained period of time. I’ve heard the old argument: “Spider-Man writing has been terrible before” – and don’t get me wrong, it definitely has – but none of the awful Spidey stories of the 90’s went so far to trash everything that people loved and respected about the character.

  8. hrl

    S.U.B.M.I.T. Love the acronym, guys.


    I kinda liked ’90s Spidey. I mean, it was basically what I grew up with.

  10. The Alliterator

    Not saying that all 90’s Spider-Man was bad. It’s just that people tend to point at some of the more notorious 90’s stories as previous examples of terrible Spider-Man writing when they try to justify being optimistic about the book today.

  11. Rob

    I foudn OMIT an enjoyable read, up until the moment in the final chapter where Quesada felt it necessary to really beat it over the reader’s head that Peter and MJ will never be together again. The relationship is over, done, dusted, stick a fork in it, it is over.

    Of course, this will all change and be retconned out by a new editor in chief.

  12. Christopher Stansfield

    I’m disappointed that you didn’t make the WHOLE comic musical, but I got a kick out of it nonetheless.

  13. Farson

    Um… MrGBH, who exactly do you mean by “We in England have just gotten past Secret Invasion.”?

  14. deworde

    @Farson: People who’re reading the Panini comics that’re sold in Newsagents.

  15. ChriSait

    Please, no one listen to MrGBH about when we get comics in England. It’s embarrassing and makes us look like backwater idiots. We get them on thursday, one day after America.

  16. MrGBH

    And have just finished Secret Invasion. I have the issue of Marvel Legends dated 22nd September right in front of me. Iron Man has just beaten Mandarin over the Extremis Virus, Captain America has just fought a reborn version of the Cap from the 1950s and Loki is tricking Balder the Brave into going behind Thor’s back.
    And on the Net Month page there’s an Iron Man story from before Secret Invasion as well.
    That’s what I mean by “We in England have just gotten past Secret Invasion”.

  17. B

    so josh is a borderline psycho? so that makes the iron man allucination what, a sign of schizophrenia? because that makes a lot of sense. no, really; i’m not beign ironic, it really does

  18. Farson

    What do you mean we’ve just finished Secret Invasion, I’ve got it in my hand right now, I bought it when it came out two years ago in my local comic shop. In England. Marvel Legends doesn’t count as ‘just getting Secret Invasion’ because that comic just reprinted it. Reprints happen all the time but that doesn’t mean that because something is reprinted it ‘just came out’. We finished Secret Invasion exactly one day after the US did.

  19. MrGBH

    Well, considering the Collector’s Editions are the only officially published version of Marvel Comics printed in the UK I’d like to know exactly how you managed to get a hold of what you’ve got.

  20. Farson

    All comic books shops carry comics printed in the US. ALL OF THEM. Go to ANY comic shop and you can buy that week’s comics, they just arrive here in Thursdays, one day after their US release. This isn’t some kind of secret, literally every comic shop I’ve been to has had the new releases in. Out of curiosity, how long have you spent as a comic fan apparently without setting foot in a comic shop? I’m not making fun of you or anything here, I’m genuinely baffled by this. Seriously, go to your nearest comic book shop and today you’ll find this week’s new comics, the same ones on shelves in the US.

  21. Fysh


    Yes, UK comic shops carry American comics. Outside of London, it’s pot luck whether you’ve got a pretty good comic shop within a 50-100 mile radius or are stuck relying on whatever you can get in WH Smith.

    Pulling the “you’re not a comics fan if you’re not slaved to the American publications sold only in a comparatively small number of specialist stores” card to follow that up makes you come across as a bit of an elitist dick, whether or not that was what you were trying to do.

  22. MrGBH

    Let’s look at the salient facts.
    1. Marvel only uses one distributor in the UK, and that’s Panini UK.
    Wait, I guess there’s only one salient fact. If you’re managing to circumvent that then I’d be really suspicious of how your comic book shop is getting a hold of them.
    But hey, if you wanna buy from just anyone, that’s your choice.
    (Oh, and as to the comic book shop thing, they’re not exactly prevalent up and down the country you know.)

  23. Rob White

    Diamond distribute comicbooks in England. I live in Ipswich which has the grand total of one comicbook shop and every thursday, as Farson said, they have US comicbooks. Panini reprint issues for newsagents, probably to reach the type of readers who wouldn’t go into comicbook shops as well as younger readers. I know they used to edit parts of them too, cut bits out and such-they did when X-Cutioners’ Song was released as a reprint years ago. Check out any Forbidden Planet (and there are a few of them in England) on a thursday and they’ll have new US comicbooks.

  24. Farson

    There are two comic book shops within about ten minutes of where I live. Two, within ten minutes. And I know of at least one more within half an hour of where I live. Both of the main ones sell US comics on Thursdays (the other is a second hand shop that only has what’s been given to it by customers). This is standard practice for comic shops, there’s nothing shady about it, they get them shipped from the US from the exact same distributors as the US comic stores. And whilst it’s true that there aren’t as many comic shops as say, record shops of Burger Kings there aren’t nearly as few as some of you are making out.

    Here’s a site where you can find a nearby comic shop.

    Judging by the length of the list there’s at least 100-200, spread out across dozens of towns/cities. Every one (apart from any second hand shops that don’t get new stock) will have new comics on Thursdays. Unless you live literally in the middle of nowhere you’re only a short trip away from a comic shop.

    Seriosuly, every one will have whatever new US comics you want. Unless the entire UK comic shop industry is dealing under the table there’s nothing suspicious about it, nobody is circumventing anyone. Find your nearest comic shop, enjoy the new releases etc.


    I fail to see how buying new comics at the ONLY place that sells them makes me a slave or an elitist. I suppose that buying meat from a butcher makes me a meat elitist since that’s a specialist store too huh? I’m not trying to be condescending it’s just that I’ve honestly never met a UK comic fan other than MrGBH who didn’t know about the new comics on Thursdays thing, and I’m just trying to help out by pointing out that MrGBH doesn’t need to wait two years to get a collection of a couple of set comics when he could get anything he wanted the day after it came out in the US.

    If he’d rather stick with the Panini thing then that’s his choice, it’s cheaper than buying comics new, but on the other hand there’s only what’s in that small collection and reading only that limits him to a couple of stories. Comic shops really are the only place you can go to keep up with comics without illegally downloading them. It’s not like there’s really any other choice, only a couple of high profile comics get reprinted the those collections, reading only them means you’ll miss out on literally everything else.

    /Wall of text.

    TLDR: There is a link above to find your LCS. All of them stock new US comics, it is nothing shady. They are more expensive than collections but you get them years sooner and there is way more choice.

  25. Farson

    Apologies for the massive wall of text above, but I’d rather just finish the whole topic with one post than have it drag on, especially since it has nothing to do with the actual comic at hand. And if I’ve come across as being condescending at any point I apologise, I really haven’t met a UK comic fan who didn’t know this stuff before. I’m just trying to help you out here. There is so much stuff in the world of comics you shouldn’t miss out on gems just because Panini didn’t reprint them.

  26. DagonX

    To be honest, I have less of a problem with OMD after finding out that they had somehow planned this retcon for years before they used Civil War to push it. I mean, at least they didn’t bring Gwen Stacey back from the dead, which was one of the original ideas…

  27. DagonX

    BTW! @MrGBH… i work in a comic shop in London… and we get our comics directly from Diamond. Panini reprints Marvel graphic novels into a cheaper, badly bound edition, sometimes before it comes it in the US (like ‘Sige’) which i think is still a bit dodgy…
    Titan (owned by FP) then reprint all the DC/Vertigo stuff for the UK, but it’s only sometimes cheaper.


  28. MrGBH

    Well, that clears that up.

    Two more small points though. The Collector’s Editions are printed on better quality paper than the US comics and last much longer.

    The Collector’s Editions are currently being sped up to catch up to where the US is. It might take a while, but when it does it would be both cheaper and better quality.

    I would also like to apologise for any misinterpretation of my comments (I may have gotten a bit accusatory when it wasn’t necessary). And for the discussion taking far too much of the comments page.

    (Oh, and I checked that site for Essex. There’s 5. All of which are two hours away. I’ll stick with Panini.)

  29. ggggp

    Booo! Curse of the Mutants sucks!

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