Moore money, Moore problems
September 30th, 2010

Moore money, Moore problems


  1. Farson

    I’d love to sit down and have a chat with Alan Moore some day, although I doubt I’d be able to follow whatever he’s talking about.

  2. Rhymer

    This one was great, guys!

  3. B

    mainstream alan moore looks so… clean. but still it could never happen. alan needs is absint

  4. Paul

    If they were snake demons wouldn’t that make Alan Moore immediately trust them?

  5. ThatNickGuy

    Mainstream Alan Moore looks like George Perez.

  6. Linda

    This is one of the funniest comics you’ve ever posted.

  7. Brandon

    Whenever I draw Alan Moore, I always think of this video where Alan sings a song about Steve Ditko.

    The end where Alan stares into the camera still haunts me.

  8. Linkara

    Seriously, if DC wanted to win back Alan Moore’s trust, change leadership and then hand him Watchmen. Just EVERYTHING, no strings attached or “Watchmen sequel and prequel” garbage. I think that’s the kind of unexpected move that would get him thinking about working with them again. Probably not for very long, buuuut it would work.

  9. Hamdinger

    Is the bald guy with the small beard and blue shirt Dave Gibbons?


    I giggled.

    I insist it was manly.

  11. ThatNickGuy

    Linkara: I seem to recall reading an interview where Moore said he just doesn’t care about Watchmen, anymore. He doesn’t even have a copy of the book in his house, anymore. I don’t think, if they even offered it, he’d bother to take it.

  12. Brandon

    >>Is the bald guy with the small beard and blue shirt Dave Gibbons?

    It’s Dan Didio.

  13. Nikolai

    I, too, remained haunted by Alan Moore’s Steve Ditko ballad. Brrr.

  14. B

    i love how didio is so desperaly trying to get something from alan moore to show at dc

  15. comixkid2099

    I am less haunted by Moore singing (as it is basically him speaking. I have for a very long time put off listening to him sing, and perhaps he actually does when he’s with his band, but i will never know) as i am the look that he gives. I concur that it is truly scary.

  16. minespatch

    I’m actually horrified along with Moore, actually. Possibly due to me not liking sequels as I used to like.

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