Textual Harrasment
October 10th, 2010

Textual Harrasment


  1. RaijinK

    I like how he starts off hating the guy for starting the Clone Saga, and winds up hating him for ENDING the Clone Saga.

    Back then I was pro-Clone Saga and didn’t like the way it ended with Norman returning, but then Norman on to be awesome over the years so I don’t mind so much any more. Still, kinda disturbing how I can empathize with at least a portion of spider-shirt’s schizophrenic ramblings.

  2. Sean

    I know what you mean. I loved Ellis’ Thunderbolts and much of the Dark Reign stuff, and there were even a couple good post-resurrection appearances in the Spidey books.

    But the thought process behind bringing him back was just insanely stupid. Trying to present all the unconnected elements of the previous two years as the machinations of a single man was a bad idea no matter how they went about it, and it didn’t go down any easier alongside the resurrection of one of (at the time) sacred cows of Marvel’s dead.

  3. MrGBH

    So would Bob Harras be the guy who came up with the ‘Gathering of Five’ thing? Because the ending to that was utterly terrible.

  4. B


  5. Balesirion

    I seem to recall Kurt Busiek saying that Onslaught and Heroes Reborn weren’t Harras either, but I’m not positive.

  6. Linda

    Ah, the seething, unstoppable volcano that is nerdrage. This is the same guy that couldn’t get over OMD back in “Divide and Complain.” Which means he’s a store reg. Which means that Josh probably has to listen to things like this from him every Wednesday. Poor Josh.

  7. Nikolai

    On the other hand, Bob Harras can be credited with finally ending something that was terrible. I didn’t care how it was ended – I just wanted it to end!

    And sure the ending was terrible, but the whole thing was terrible. At least he was following precedent.

  8. B

    @Linda: yeah, no wonder he has so much latent psychotic energy

  9. Matches Malone

    Is there a ner rage driving manual? To aid in steering, of course….

  10. BornIn1142

    Meh, Bob Harras’s biggest crimes – to me – took place a few years earlier, when he was Group Editor of the X-Men.

  11. Touch of Grey

    For some reason, my nerdrage is rarely directed at creators except in, ahem, special instances (WINIIIIIIIIICK). I openly nerdrage at characters, though. Like, goddamnit, Max Lord! If you’d been this hot and openly evil years ago, I never would have liked you as much as I did and so everything since The OMAC Project wouldn’t hurt so bad. Also, damnit, Starfire. I have nothing to add to that. Y’all that read R.E.B.E.L.S. will know what I mean.

  12. Jetstream

    Y’know, I’ve read the original synopsis of what the clone saga was supposed to be… I liked it… Of course it was also supposed to be, you know… short.

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