Going APE
October 19th, 2010

Going APE


  1. algeya

    at least he is not teapack man from kinnikuman series he had a tea cup for head he was decapitated and the bad guy drank from his head

  2. Discount Lad

    So Josh is one of those fans that won’t read Grant Morrison’s and Warren Ellis’ non super hero stuff.

  3. Sean

    They’re kinda like vegetables to Josh. He’d like them if he tried them, but someone’s gotta force him first.


    Maybe he needs a floating imaginary Cap to play “good cop”.

    Or maybe Supes, if you don’t want to go with one company too much.

  5. Linda

    I bet Madman frustrated the hell out of Josh, then.

  6. Stan Yan

    Hey, you skipped me! I’m always set up between Keith Knight and the table that Shannon Wheeler was in this year.

  7. Stan Yan

    Oh, wait. This is APE, not Comic-Con. I’ve not been at APE since 2003.

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