Price drop, skip, and a jump
October 24th, 2010

Price drop, skip, and a jump


  1. Linda

    This is pretty much why I was so glad I got to break the news to my friends via the internet.

  2. Hamdinger

    Aww man, I really wanted to see what Josh’s take on the news would have been. I don’t what he would have done but it would have been crazy. heh

  3. B

    next week: see josh turn psycho and kill everyone at the DC HQ


    Hey, Rick’s returned! I was worried he was held hostage by spiky-haired DBZ fans.

  5. MrGBH

    Rick should probably drive to another State and phone Josh with the news. That would be safer. A bit.

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  7. Thatguy

    Oh that first panel. Don’t know if it’s personally true, but it is uncomfortably realistic.

  8. B

    I think Rick should have had been at the comic store last week. learning how to control nerdrage will be essential in order to survive giving josh the bad news.

  9. Munkiman

    I disagree with the idea that losing two pages means you’re losing that exact percentage of story. I’ve read comics that were 22 pages in which basically nothing happens. Do those have 9% more story than a 20 page comic in which a lot of things happen? It’s not about volume, it’s about density. Hopefully less space will encourage writers to use less decompression, though probably the worse ones will just make even less happen.

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