All-hollow eve
October 30th, 2010

All-hollow eve


  1. Frank

    Dammit… why is Josh getting less and less human-like? He wasn’t like this in the beginning. Also, what’s Jamal’s costume?

  2. someguywhosin'tracist

    is jamal daryl from the office?

  3. Lo

    Jamal’s costume is Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist.

  4. BringTheNoise

    Nice CM Punk costume!

  5. Linda

    I think he’s dressed as Dwight from the Office.

    Also, fabulous punchline, I was thinking that the SECOND she showed up in that costume.

    (Though I think ‘like a stripper’ is a little harsh, there are FAR worse costumes in comics and she’s wearing it very reasonably, without the skirt being basically a flappy belt and the top ending right under the boobs like some I’ve seen).

  6. Linda

    Also: Dig the guy dressed as CM Punk in the background. XD

  7. C. Towns

    Totally missed Punk in the background. Nice.

  8. Tollan

    Jamal as a Nerd Herd from Chuck?

  9. Sean

    Tollan wins! 🙂

    And Linda, fair point indeed. Just keep in mind, Joyce isn’t an average superhero fan, and might feel the same about a lot of costumes.

  10. Tigerkaya

    Sweet! Marissa is dressed as The fourth Doctor.

  11. MrGBH

    She should’ve dressed up as one of the X-Men after all.

  12. Linda

    @Sean, yeah, I totally see that from her, thank goodness she didn’t decide on Power Girl instead!

  13. The Blot

    Just got some weird looks from my co-workers as I literally laughed out loud at this strip! Loved it 🙂

  14. lead sharp

    Very cool, spotted the FMA costume!

    Joyce should have been Lois…

  15. Imitorar

    Checking her out wouldn’t be so out of character as some people would have you believe….

    And that comment of Joyce’s is why I think Kara ought to go back to the Pre-Crisis/Matrix costume. I just don’t get the belly shirt. Sure, it may have been fashionable back in 2005, but it just seems unnecessarily revealing.

  16. MrGBH

    @Lead Sharp: But that would just be a suit.

    I don’t like the blue Supergirl costume. I much preferred her white and blue version from the JLA cartoon (Before the writers sold out and stuck her back in the blue version).

  17. Dreadjaws

    The writers of Justice League, “sold out”? Oh, no You di’nt!

  18. Shift

    One would have thought the Lois Lane look would have been the more obvious choice. Or at least Wonder Woman. 😛


    Or that one chick from the Hack/Slash comic.

    Man, I’m really out of the know. I need to read more comics.

  20. Rilkar

    For people who want to know about Jamal’s costume:

  21. Sean

    Rick’s costume, actually. 🙂

    But yes, FMA Brotherhood is awesome!

  22. Linda


    I don’t think Josh would read Hack/Slash. I don’t know if Cassie Slash counts as a superheroine. And even if she does, it’s not a Marvel/DC comic…I’m not even sure if Josh reads Image or IDW, outside of Invincible (which I’m sure he does).


    Dude, she’s totally a superhero. As close as that world’s going to get, anyway. You need to consider their environment, and what counts as “heroic” there. Would she be a superhero in the same world as Superman? Ehhhhhhhh, probably not, but in Fuckedupsville where she lives? Totally she is!

    But, I don’t know, Josh always struck me as a guy who might give something ONE chance, even if he then dismisses it unfairly based on something he didn’t like. Speaking from experience, here.

  24. Lightning Lord

    Marissa’s arbitrary dislike ofanything remotely superheroic is extremely grating, but she’s a stereotype, so eh. It’s annoying in the other direction for Josh too.

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