November 24th, 2010



  1. B

    Josh vs joyce’s evil h.e.a.t. ex-boyfriend?

  2. Linda

    HEAT guy returns! Awesome.

  3. Alex

    Huh. It’s kind of an unintentional Scott Pilgrim, no? Wonder if Marissa will be watching the live drama in the background with a bag of popcorn.

  4. comixkid2099

    I think the funniest part of this was what he had to say about Smallville. absolutely hilarious!

  5. The Alliterator

    To be fair, the trailer looks pretty awful. Good to see the H.E.A.T. guy again for a little GL fan rage reaction. Pop quiz – Which is the worse indignity Hal Jordan has suffered in other media, the Ryan Reynolds casting or getting replaced by John Stewart in the Justice League animated series?


    Uhhhhh-ohhhh, that guy. Josh’s life just got more obnoxious.

    Alliterator, I’ll take option C, nobody cares about Hal Jordan, so it doesn’t matter. Hell, the only better GL than Jon is Kyle.

    Hal Jordan SHOULD have gotten Woody Allen to play the part, not someone who would do justice to the role like Ryan Reynolds.

  7. MrGBH

    My only problem with the casting is that it’s delayed the Deadpool movie. I don’t have any preconceived notions about Hal Jordan, he’s way before my time (And I don’t read current DC anyway).
    Although, from the trailer, it looks as if the entire movie is a premise to show off Ryan Reynold’s abs.

  8. Dreadjaws

    I think you mean an EXCUSE to show off Reynold’s abs, not a “premise”.

    I don’t have so many problems with the GL trailer as most people seem to have. Everyone screams “too much comic relief” or “they’re trying to copy Tony Stark”, completely oblivious to the fact that in the comics Tony Stark was as much of a wisecracker as Hal Jordan was. That is: pretty much zero.

    My only complaint is that what we see in the trailer doesn’t seem very original.

  9. The Alliterator

    Before the DCAU boosted John’s stock in comics continuity, he was very, very much a backup… heck, Guy Gardner had more GL cred than him. I’m not a huge GL fan, but you don’t have to be to know that Hal represents the most iconic and important iteration of the character.

    I’d say the difference between this casting and Iron Man is that at least in the comics, Stark is known as an inveterate alcoholic and ne’er-do-well while Hal is straitlaced even among superheroes, as in Green Lantern/Green Arrow.


    Ok, I get the gist of what you’re saying. But I still like John and Kyle a -lot- more than Hal. In fact, because of how straitlaced he is.

  11. MrGBH

    I like Hal more as an idea than as a character. One of the main selling points of Kyle to me was that he was always trying to prove to himself that he could live up to the legacy Hal left, both among the JLA and the universe at large.
    (Kyle was the only GL I ever read because my local library had some Trade Paperbacks with him).

  12. The Alliterator

    For what it’s worth, I like Kyle too. It’s a shame that he debuted in the wake of such a controversial send-off for Hal, since he had a lot of potential as a character. Some writers have gone on record as saying Hal is popular but hard to write for, due to the nature of his powers and personality. I think he works best when paired with a rebellious, contrarian foil like Oliver.

  13. Shift

    I’m hopeful for the movie in regards to story and action and hopefully character development. But the actress who is playing Carol sounds like a freaking porn-star robot than a foil for Hal (I keep expecting her to say in a monotone voice “Thank god you two plumbers got here to clean out my pipes…”)

    And I still can’t shake the fact the costume looks… um… weak. At least around the mask area. It looks painted on with photoshop than anything else.

    But honestly, I’m not a huge Hal Jordan fan. He never much interested me as a character, and when he was brought back, I was just annoyed at DC constantly rehashing old characters because of nostalgic value. Thought I have to admit, I LOVED Darkest Night and Hal’s role in it.

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