The walking dead end
December 14th, 2010

The walking dead end


  1. nic

    I’m in the in-between camp on Walking Dead (i.e. “not word for word” = okay, “Shane” =okay, “CDC” = Sharks were Jumped), and I too have devoted almost 1/3 of my life to Smallville (and my coke would taste fine, if I liked to drink it)

  2. Allegretto

    I only found out about this comic like a couple of weeks ago or something, but man do i love it.

    Seriously, i do.

  3. MrGBH

    Wait, what season’s Smallville onto? I stopped paying attention about five years ago.

    As for Walking Dead….. I’m not a big fan of zombies. And horror stuff in general’s pretty much the exact opposite of what I like.

    As for discussions about adaptations. Each one has to be a case-by-case basis.
    Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes = Great.
    The Last Airbender movie = Utter (&*^%^&.


    Ahhhhhhhhhh, this made me giggle, thank you for that.

  5. Dreadjaws

    Wait, MrGBH, you haven’t seen The Avengers yet, how do you know it’s great? Unless you’re talking about the animated series, in which case you’re dead wrong anyway.

    So, I never read the Walking Dead comics, but I did like the TV series. And even if I stopped watching Smallville seasons ago (for reasons not related to the show’s quality), I know that “third of my life” feeling all too well.

  6. hermit

    i like that the show is not word for word, but instead doing their own thing. kind of like the Dexter tv series and the books. they are two completely different things.

  7. DickGraysonisBruceWayneasBatman

    I don’t watch nor read walking dead, but i just started following Smallville, and i don’t see what’s wrong with it besides MAJOR plot changes, but i am really sad that i started watching the series, at it’s FINAL season

  8. Sean Whitmore

    I’m loving the new Avengers ‘toon too, GBH!

  9. Linda

    I was expecting a Dan Slott comic. This gave me a giggle. Oh, Smallville. You’re like the abusive boyfriend of comic adaptations.

  10. Stan Yan

    God damn it! I just stumbled across your comic today and now I have to continue to follow it on a regular basis. I’m going to link you to our comic, SubCulture ( shortly, and you’ll understand why. BTW, I’m obsessed with the Walking Dead, and had a very similar conversation recently.

  11. Stan Yan

    Oh, and I only said damn it because I don’t need to spend time reading another webcomic, but I’ll happily bite the bullet spending time here!

  12. Sean

    Understood and appreciated, Stan. 🙂 We’ll check out yours as well!


    Oooooh, back-scratching! I’m excited to finally catch it in the moment!

  14. Dreadjaws

    What? There’s a new Avengers toon? I only know of the old one, you know, the one that didn’t have Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.

  15. Sean

    Oh, absolutely. On Toon Disney, “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” has been going strong for about 16 episodes now. All classic lineup, no ridiculous armor.

  16. Brandon

    I too enjoy the new Avengers toon.

    It is a nice mix of the old and new Avengers stories/themes.

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