Morrison’s origins
December 28th, 2010

Morrison’s origins


  1. Kurt Onstad

    All of these are great, but the Flash one is awesome. Wally will always be my Fastest Man Alive…

  2. B

    Dude, the last wolverine panel was just mean. xp

  3. brianobx

    The Flash strip was my favorite.

  4. Chris

    Isn’t that basically every legacy character that dc has done except for Starman?

  5. BornIn1142

    The punchlines of the Batman and WW strips didn’t really hook me, but the Flash’s was just solid gold.

  6. The Alliterator

    Wolverine’s is 100% true. Even if he is a functional immortal born centuries ago, he still hasn’t had enough time to do all the stuff writers have given him. Much as I prefer Barry to Wally, the Flash take was spot-on too.

  7. Imitorar

    That Flash one was just mean. Completely accurate, but mean. And not helped by DC’s utter neglect of Wally over the past year. It’s all well and good to say “you’re the Flash to my Flash”, but at least Nightwing had his own series. I mean, I think I may be coming to prefer Barry, or at least liking him as much as Wally, but give the poor also-ran a series. Kyle got a series…

  8. Brendan

    So, what would Green Lantern’s be? Dead Alien, Magic Ring, No Fear? Or Iron Man?

  9. lead sharp

    The WW one…Spot on, completely spot on.

  10. C. Towns

    Makes me really excited for that Morrison WW project he keeps mentioning.


    Showed this to my friend, who is a MAJOR Flash fan. He wholeheartedly agrees.

  12. Kelson

    Ooohhh… Yeah, the Flash one is mean, but to everyone like me who grew up with Wally West as the scarlet speedster, it’s 100% accurate.

  13. Kelson

    (Hear that, DC? “The one people grew up with” doesn’t always mean the same guy.)

  14. WallyEast

    Sigh. It’s funny because it’s true.

  15. Linda

    Goddammit, now I’m pissed at Geoff Johns all over again.

  16. Duder

    The Flash one is funny, in several ways: Wally is the ultimate stalker:

    My uncle dies. I take his clothes and put them on.
    I marry a reporter, just like him.
    I fight his villains.
    I force myself on his friends, make them team up with me.
    I track down Superman and dare him “Race me and pretend it’s him, damn you!”
    Did my uncle have twin children? I’ll make that happen too…somehow…

    Barry comes back: Uhh…Wally, do you always have to stand so close to me? Personal space is a Flash fact too, y’know.

  17. MrGBH

    Considering how much stuff Wolverine gets up to currently it’s entirely possible that he really did have enough time. After all, how many other characters can be in three teams and have two separate solo adventures going on at the same time? Each on different continents. After all, he can be in hiding from the American government in Japan, be hiding from the American government in America and be living in the X-Mansion on the same night.

  18. West

    Kelson’s comments were on-point.

  19. ADHadh

    @MrGBH That’s probably a mutant power that simply hasn’t been officially spelled out.

  20. Balesirion

    @MrGBH One of these days we’ll find out that Wolverine was always just Multiple Man in disguise.

  21. Dreadjaws

    Great, now I’m depressed at the whole Flash: Rebirth again. Every time I try to pretend crap like this didn’t happen some jerk comes and makes me remember it.

    What are you going to do later? Remind me of One More Day?


  22. VersasoVantare

    “Isn’t that basically every legacy character that dc has done except for Starman?”
    Nah, all the silver age legacy characters are still around(that is, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Ray Palmer etcetera) without their golden age counterparts replacing them.

  23. sin_m

    The Bat family. I feel bad for all the poor orphans he keeps taking in.
    Oh, man. The Flash one is just sad. The guy has been Flash for how many years now? And now he just isn’t because the “real” Flash is back.

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