Green with indifference
January 12th, 2011

Green with indifference



    Honestly, that right there I think is an advantage for us. We don’t know a lot about Green Hornet, so we can’t get all riled if they “get something wrong”. I am a huge Wolverine fan, so ‘Origins’ was horrible to me. I’m a ‘V for Vendetta’ fan and a ‘Watchmen’ fan, so those movies(While really enjoyable for what they were.), really had a lot of glaring differences.

    On the other hand, I could never get into ‘From Hell’ as there’s only so much black and white Englishness I can really stand, thus the film wasn’t so awful to me. In the same vein I don’t know anything about Green Hornet other than the fact that Bruce Lee was Kato, so it must have been a great show by default.

    They have nowhere to go but up, except of course for those Green Hornet fanboys. I haven’t met any, but it would be silly to say they didn’t exist.

    I’m rambling, very sorry about that, great comic, as always. Did you two have a good New Years and holidays and all that other shit?

  2. Dierna

    I grew up on the Green Hornet live action series. Yeah it was campy at times but it was cool. The crossover with Batman was just pure awesomeness.

    I tried to get into the current comics but got bored with em…. Im just not sure about the movie. I’ll be seeing it….just not going into it with high hopes.

  3. Dreadjaws

    Gee, I’m having the same problem as Josh, mostly because I’m really not a fan of Seth Rogen (except for Observe and Report).

    Then again, I’m still going to watch this movie. I haven gone to a teather in a long time (bills and more bills), and I need it.


    A teather sounds like an awesome place.

  5. Linda

    Oh, poor Josh. This is his curse. This is his destiny; everything he loves or comes to love has a chance of having something happen to it that sucks.

  6. algeya

    did he enjoy doing all that research??
    What if Josh uses his powers for good of mankind instead of using it for stuff he didnt care in the first place??

  7. MrGBH

    I’ve never seen the Green Hornet, never seen any Seth Rogen movies and I’ve never heard of the guy playing Kato.

    So yeah, I’m fully open-minded about this one.


    GBH, you’ve never heard of Bruce Lee?

  9. MrGBH

    Of course I’ve heard of Bruce Lee. There are snails hiding under rocks in France who have heard of Bruce Lee.
    It’s the guy in the new movie I’ve never heard of.

  10. Stan Yan

    Should the release of a movie create a bunch of work for us? LOL — great comic!

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