Read no evil
January 20th, 2011

Read no evil


  1. Linda

    Oh God, poor Rick. That “I can see both sides” remark slipped out before his brain caught up.

  2. MrGBH

    Firstly, “I weep for our generation” is my new standard response to any question.

    Secondly, I have not heard of this fresh new controversy.

    Thirdly, I just plain don’t get the joke.

  3. BornIn1142

    Have you read Maus, MrGBH? The final panel is from it… it’s a book about the Holocaust. I believe the joke is that the “edit” is bending to the ignorance of Holocaust deniers?

  4. John A Arkansawyer

    Today, you drew blood. Good work.

  5. Ian Thal

    Really well-done. I have to wonder to what extent censoring Huckleberry Finn is about protecting those most easily hurt by the “N-word” and how much of it is to protect white southerners from acknowledging just how all-encompassing racism was in their history. It should be noted that the publishing house is named “NewSouth.”

  6. Dreadjaws

    Amazing, guys! I had no idea about the Huck Finn’s censorship, though.

  7. Somnopolis

    Wow guys, that last panel packed a serious punch. Well done.

  8. minespatch

    I felt just like Mary when I first heard the news on the radio. This comic examples why I title this generation as the “wimpy generation”. If they start censoring books of the past, they’ll start trying to change what happened in history books to wimpify kids even more.

    Just earlier today, I was watching Arnold Swartzenager’s “The Sixth Day”. The whole idea that the protagonist’s wife wants to replace their dead dog with a clone so their child doesn’t understand death makes me think of this censoring fiasco.


    Holy shit, they’re censoring Huck Finn?


  10. Gcat
    Read the NPR article about it.

    I can understand why some would like to censor it. But, wouldn’t it be better to put a black bar over the “offensive” words, then to change the words and hide the censorship.
    Even Family Guy changed it to “N-Word Jim”, show how much we fear that word.
    School and teachers are asked to do so much, it easier to just not study the text then to go over why a word you can’t use is in it and then have to deal with the kids who will or to take the time and effort to get permission slips to read a book and segregate the class to those who get to read and discuss it and those who get to do something else.

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