Harumph for Hollywood
February 5th, 2011

Harumph for Hollywood


  1. Rhymer

    That’s a funny one.

  2. Alex

    Josh better look out. It seems like Marissa is gearing up to use some eye beams on the back of his skull.


    ATTABOY, JOSH! I knew one day he’d score one over on her, and it finally happened! Excuse me while I do the Mexican hat dance around my awesome Boba helmet.

  4. MrGBH

    To be fair, a certain amount of acting skill is required to play Catwoman. We don’t want another Halle Berri incident do we?

  5. Grim

    Finally, a win for Josh, i had almost started thinking that the creators hate Josh seeing how Marissa kept getting a lot of shots in and Josh had none for quite some time. Hope this is the start of a trend 🙂

  6. Paul

    Oh Josh, you poor, poor fool. Retribution will be swift and terrible.

  7. Sean

    Was Berry particularly bad as Catwoman?

    I mean, I remember everything else about the movie was bad, from the premise to the writing to Sharon Stone. But if Berry herself was especially bad, I honestly don’t remember.

  8. MrGBH

    I may have been biased against her thanks to her performance in the X-Men movies. But from what I remember, her acting was just as bad as the rest of it.

  9. Balesirion

    She did personally accept her Razzie, Oscar in hand, so it seems she was not particularly impressed with her own performance.

  10. Sean

    Heh, I forgot about that.

    That story becomes a lot sadder when you realize her husband was probably at home cheating on her while she accepted the award.

  11. Bill Walko

    Ha, good one. So true.

  12. Stan Yan

    Too hilarious!

  13. sin_m

    @MWUAHAHAHA the dance actually has a name, you know. It’s not called the Mexican hat dance, it is the Jarabe Tapatio and is best danced with a partner.

    I find the strip to be highly amusing.

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