Odds and other odds
February 14th, 2011

Odds and other odds


  1. Linkara

    Hey, Marissa, I like it! It’s short, pithy, and covers a lot of ground without having to say very much.

  2. B

    dude, are those really your fellings on the ultimate universe. because that panel was just pure evil ma. PURE,UNDIEING,WORLD-DESTROYING EVIL (dead)

  3. B

    btw, the 1st phrase was a question :p. my bad

  4. The Alliterator

    Thankfully Ultimatum more or less killed popular/critical support for the Ultimate Universe, which I’ve always viewed as an intriguing concept gone wildly astray by poorly-coordinated writers with no sense of history. Also, seconded on Superman’s walk across America being terrible and/or incredibly patronizing.

  5. MrGBH

    Every time I try to get into reading Fantastic Four, my brain tries to commit Seppuku after only one comic.

  6. B

    @MrGBH: I understand you man. everyone told me great things about mark waid’s run on the title: i read it and, honestly speaking, it wasn’t that great. so believe me when i tell you, read hickman’s run. it’s simply marvellous. it’s pure sci-fy. and if you like blockbuster-type stories see mark millar’s run. it’s not has good but still pretty enjoyable. and yes, i know i’m only talking about the most recent runs, but that’s because the others don’t interest me.

  7. MrGBH

    I did read Mark Miller’s run. “World’s Greatest”? Yeah right.

  8. Greg Manuel

    I thought the BUILD-UP to Johnny’s death was wonderfully written, and even the sequence where his off-screen death was a nice stylistic touch, but only if you’re able to shake off the inference that, for all intents and purposes, Johnny barely put up a fight once the Annihilation Wave got to him. I read that sequence and couldn’t help but think…”Where’s the Nova Blast? Not even just ONE?”

    Great Sanford & Son punchline, though! 🙂

  9. Linda

    I could have been living in a cave in the Arctic and STILL had that issue of FF spoiled for me.

  10. RaijinK

    Am I the only one who thought Marissa’s lines were being spoken by Galactus at first? More evidence of poor Josh’s collapsing sanity.
    Each panel sums up recent comics news quite well, actually.
    Marvel: “Death of Spider-Man!”
    Readers: “Huh? Wha?”
    Marvel: “Ultimate Sp-”
    Readers: “Oh. Meh.”

  11. Kwame

    I managed to avoid all FF solicitation spoilers only have it spoiled for me in the first couple of seconds in the LEOG podcast.

  12. Brad Curran

    That last panel was wonderful. I can’t wait to go to CBR and see how many people tell you it should have been deleted.

  13. Brad Curran

    I was able to avoid the FF spoilers completely until I got the comic. Beyond being pretty good at ignoring the internet when I feel like it, I was also dealing with an actual death in my life, which made my interest in/reaction to Johnny’s demise pretty dispassionate. I think Hickman pulled it off well, but it was hard to get emotionally invested. I’m guessing Slott’s take on it in ASM may get to me, though, since he wrote that great Spider-Man/Torch mini.

  14. Car;

    Wow, a Sanford and Son reference. Does that say something about the state of comic fandom or what?

  15. Sean

    I’m glad the Sanford and Son reference went over so well. I see I wasn’t the only one raised on Nick At Nite.

    Brad, very sorry to hear about your loss.

  16. Jack Elam

    They messed up the X-Men nearly a decade ago when, having had the franchise revitalised by Grant Morrison, they immediately decided “nooooo, we much preferred it when the X-Men were considered nerdy and insular by OTHER COMIC FANS” and undid or ignored everything he’d done.

  17. Kessler

    Is it just me, or does it look like Marissa’s dialogue is being spouted by freaking GALACTUS? This makes the 6th panel almost too funny.

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