Young, just ice
February 19th, 2011

Young, just ice


  1. DrawsixBD

    Funny, though I thought you would’ve done a “Hello, Megan!” joke.

  2. Munkiman

    I really like basically everything about the Young Justice show, except:

    1. “Hello, Megan!” I try to like it but it just drives me crazy every time she says it. From the beginning, I was like, “Is that her catchphrase? Seriously?”

    2. Superman, as shown in the comic. 😛 His reaction would be understandable if he was pretty much anyone but Superman. Superman does not avoid responsibility.

    3. This is more of a worry than an actual peeve, but M’gann’s constant references to back home on Mars are making me suspicious that the Martians might not have died out. It’s very weird how M’gann keeps hinting at it without saying it outright – it’s like if Superman made a casual reference to visiting the folks back on Krypton for the weekend. I’m hoping that M’gann does end up being a White Martian like in the comics, though, with the references being an elaborate smokescreen – I think it would add an extra layer to a character who’s endearing but a little shallow.

  3. Sean

    It continues to amaze me that someone heard “Hello Megan” in a writers’ meeting and thought, “Yeah, let’s do that every episode!”

    Same with Robin and his fascination with made-up root words.

    But aside from a few things here and there, it’s a great show. It’s Greg Weisman, how could it not be? 🙂

  4. Kurt Onstad

    I don’t mind the root words as much, since that’s a phase I went through as well (probably at a similar age…), but “Hello Megan!” has got to go…

    And since they’ve established that this takes place on an alternate Earth (specifically, Earth-16), I’m interested to see what differences there are in History between this Earth and the Earth of the regular comics (aka New Earth). Maybe, as Munkiman suggested, the Martians haven’t died out here…It’d be great to see some interaction between a fully populated Mars and Earth.

  5. MrGBH

    While I haven’t seen this show (Or heard of it) I am intrigued. If this takes place on Earth-16, then when DC Comics do their next wipe-everything-out-interdimensional-crossover, would the cartoon therefore be dragged in?

  6. Bruno

    i do like the show, but thee robin in it really annoys me

  7. Kwame

    Yeah, Young Justice is great. what do you guys thin about the Avengers cartoon?
    I’ve be watched Earth’s Mightiest heroes, but Young Justice has been more enjoyable.

    EMH turned out to be better than I thought, but nowhere as good as Young Justice writing and animation wise.

  8. Braeden G

    I am SO glad people are reacting to the “Hello Megan!” catchphrase the same way I am. While watching her first episode I was really interested in where they were going to take this relatively new character, and then that second “Hello Megan!” slipped out. It dawned on me that she was going to be spewing that t-shirt slogan all the time and she immediately became my least favourite member in the roster.

    A lot of people have been talking about the characterization on these classic characters being off (i.e. Robin being a cocky jokester, Superboy being a brooding rageaholic, Wally being a dense horndog, etc.) but Weisman has already stated in interviews that these characters all have to be approached as if they are fresh to this line of work and they all need room to grow. If Robin is instantly a level headed leader, full of responsibility, at 12 years old then there is no where to take the character.

  9. Morlock

    i actually really like the made up root words with robin…it gives him just enough goofiness to counteract how much of a badass hes made out to be.

  10. Munkiman

    I’m kind of enjoying Avengers more than Young Justice – they’re both great and have strong character development but I prefer Avengers’ large-scale, Silver Age-ish fun to YJ’s dark “realism.” That’s just me.

  11. Munkiman

    Plus Avengers’ lack of teen angst.

  12. Sean Whitmore

    I find both YJ and Avengers to be very good shows, but I have to give the nod to Avengers. If only because when I think of YJ, several things that annoy me immediately come to mind (most of them mentioned here), and I can’t think of nearly as many with Avengers.

  13. Brandon

    I enjoy the Avengers cartoon. I’ve yet to watch a full episode of Young Justice. I’ve only seen some of the previews online.

  14. Pablo

    YJ is great. the animation. but its not nearly as epic as avengers.
    that show is my favourite

  15. Kwame

    I’m a sucker for the type of animation Young Justice has, while we’ve yet to see them develop the characters like they’re doing in Avengers, only their personality.
    Maybe I shouldn’t have jumped the gun and say that I like YJ better till I see how they handle multi-episode story-arcs. Also: kinda disappointed that it’s Dick Grayson and Wally West under the masks. Would’ve preferred to see them as Nightwing/The Flash as a kinda “big brother” role.

  16. antman

    If we go by Jamal’s opinion of the show, we could say: “For Great Justice”. Eh? Eh? …Sorry.

  17. KainGerc

    might as well have called the show “teen titans” the only connection to the original young justice in the comics is superboy(seriously, young justice without impulse is no young justice).
    other than that, the writing and the animation on the show are very good.

    although i could do without the “hello megan”

  18. Munkiman

    I think the idea of calling it Young Justice was more to show the connection to the Justice League.

  19. Dierna

    Yeah I keep on wondering about Mars. Megan mentioned she has 12 sisters. HAS not HAD. If Martians are still all alive and well then why are J’onn and Megan on earth in the first place??

  20. nicky

    Teehee, someone working on Young justice must’ve been a fan of Superdickery.

  21. Cyerte

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw who they intended to use in the cast and felt a great sense of disappointment. The joy of the Young Justice comics for me was in the always-entertaining interaction between the main three characters, and when they decided to make it a TV show they really didn’t use any of them (I mean sure, that’s Superboy, but does anyone honestly think he’s anywhere near the same person as Conner in the YJ comics?)

    And its a shame because I do like the show – but I just can’t get over that it’s *not Young Justice*. If they’d called it “titans” or something I think I’d be enjoying the heck out of it.

  22. Kessler

    This is the perfect time to comment on the Young Justice toys McDonald’s is handing out. Anyone who hasn’t seen them should check it out. They’re the most show-accurate toys that McDonalds has produced in recent memory.

  23. Maki P

    I think the “Hello Megan” is supposed to be annoying, I mean she took it from a TV show

  24. Supe-Clone

    I’ve enjoyed both YJ and EMH immensely. I’ve dismissed the fact that YJ isn’t as accurate to the source material quite simply as a.) allowing for character development, and b.) having it set outside of main stream continuity. I enjoyed the JLU under the same precepts.

    The “hello megan” thing serves its purpose. Yes its annoying, yet it is a constant reminder to her attachment to Earth culture via cheesy ’50s era sitcoms, to which Superboy has actually called her on. The Robin root word thing is trite, but much more fun when it spreads to the other characters. Such as when Superboy described himself as “whelmed.”

    Starting these characters off at this base a level allows precisely the degree of character growth that should be expected over time, while emphasizing the concerns of the older heroes for the welfare of the younger.

    Two thumbs up.

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