The road not taken seriously
March 6th, 2011

The road not taken seriously


  1. Linkara

    Face to face vocal communication? What is this strange idea?

  2. RaijinK

    Joyce’s Douchebag Sense is tingling in the last panel.

  3. The Alliterator

    To be fair, everything about the Green Lantern movie looks unapologetically horrible. Even the special effects look bad.

  4. antman


  5. Linda

    Oh, HEAT. You won the war, stop fighting the battle!

  6. Nikolai

    You know, it’d be awesome if you guys did something related to the real-life superhero phenomenom in Seattle for a future strip

  7. Nikolai

    she should become a kyle rayner fan to spite him.

  8. algeya

    poor guy, only when the movie comes out we will know the truth

  9. MrGBH

    I don’t get why everyone is so angry about the cgi costumes. They’re provided by the rings, meaning they’re made out of light. It would be weird if they looked like clothes.

  10. Linda

    More weird than looking like skinless musculature dyed green and black?

  11. Munkiman

    I don’t mind the costumes. It’s mainly that the effects look cheesy and the lines are even cheesier – like Carol actually SAYING, out loud, “You have the ability to overcome fear,” like it’s something that would come out of a human mouth.

  12. Dreadjaws

    I learned long ago not to judge a movie based on the trailer. Based on the trailers, I believed that Wolverine was going to be awesome, and that The Dark Knight was going to suck. I was astoundingly proven wrong both times.

  13. Stan Yan

    We all communicate in different ways. Plus, if you don’t archive a conversation, there’s no way anyone can prove it ever happened. So, make sure to break up in writing.

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