Lateral move
March 12th, 2011

Lateral move


  1. Dreadjaws

    Poor Joyce.

    On second thought, that’s how I picture every girl who’s had a crush on me. I’m basically like Josh, with even less communication skills.

  2. Linda

    No comment in these comments can possibly top the last panel.

  3. Munkiman

    But look how ORGANIZED he is! He has a different voicemail for every day of the week!

  4. Imitorar

    There is quite a difference between having a fondness for cartoons aimed at 9 year olds despite being over a decade out of that age range and waging a crusade in the name of a fictional character.

    Also, judging from the trailer, Ryan Reynolds isn’t going to be acting like Kyle Rayner in the movie, let alone like Hal Jordan. At least if he were acting like Kyle, he’d be acting like one of the major comic Green Lanterns.

  5. KainGerc

    according to the trailer, Ryan Reynolds will be acting as Ryan Reynolds
    the guy doesn’t have that much acting range.

  6. The Alliterator

    Thank you for finally drawing attention to the true tragic comedy of this enterprise – that Joyce believed for any moment that Josh was better than H.E.A.T. guy. Moving from one hopeless, obsessive man-child to the next does not equal progress.

  7. B

    joyce has a geek fetish

  8. Stan Yan

    Girls always love guys that are bad for them… and the maturity of their relationships.

  9. antman

    I think that Brad is one bad day away from becoming a serial killer. Fortunately, he’d probably try to kill with a ring.

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