March 21st, 2011



  1. Jonny

    Finally Magneto gets some respect around here!

  2. Dreadjaws

    Ha, the guy from M.E.A.T. makes a comeback, right about when the H.E.A.T. dude shows up as well. Josh is in for a “treat”.

  3. KainGerc

    the last panel is depressingly true.

  4. BornIn1142

    Could you lay out exactly what’s wrong with the X-Men versus vampires comic except for the fact that it has vampires in it?

    It’s, frankly, a pretty above average story.

  5. David

    Have the H.E.A.T. and the M.E.A.T. guy ever met?

    They might be very, very right for each other. Yes, in that way. 🙂

  6. C. Towns

    “This is still better than the X-Men versus Vampires comic”

    No its not.

  7. ShadowWing Tronix

    His intentions are pure. His methods, however, makes him evil and anti-non-mutant.

  8. Sean

    The X-Men/vampire stuff wasn’t BAD, really, it was just kinda there.

    And I think if you’re gonna be the FOURTH ongoing X-Men book, you need to be a lot more than that. The franchise can only support the weight of so many middling hangers-on.

  9. KainGerc

    I’m sorry, but i have a comment unrelated to this comic.

    why are you guys not making fun of the new wonder woman tv series yet?

  10. Travis

    I don’t know whats wrong with some of you folks, but the new X-men series is REALLY bad. It is the worst x-book on the shelves. That is saying a lot. And vampires have everything to do with it. Go re-read twilight and get away from my x-men will ya.

  11. Brandon

    >>why are you guys not making fun of the new wonder woman tv series yet?<< We tend to do a comic when we find a good angle on a subject. Right now there is not much to go on other than a working script and an one costume shot. I guess we could make fun of fan overreaction, but again we'd have to figure out a good angle.

  12. Name

    I went back read some of original x-men comics. The first time Magneto shows up for more than a panel he tries to nuke a country. The rest of the issues are Quicksilver and Scarlet Which trying to reign in Magneto after he spazzes out each issue.

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