Conversations with God part 1
March 27th, 2011

Conversations with God part 1


  1. Munkiman

    Damn, you gotta wonder what Jack is drawing up there.

  2. algeya

    is there going to be part 2

  3. Sean

    There will be, but not next week. Rather, Spidey will have a chat with God whenever life is really getting him down (like maybe when that ludicrous musical opens).

  4. Farson89

    If Spidey ever found his way to God the poor guy would never hear the end of it, “Bring back Uncle Ben! And Gwen! And basically everyone else I’ve ever known! And maybe gimme my wife back because the devil’s being a TOTAL dick about that.”

  5. schmakt

    that was funny. 🙂

    thinking about Ditko makes me sad tho…

  6. Penguin

    Thinking about Ditko is better than thinking about Neal Adams. Or Scott Adams, for that matter. Man, who would have thought artists would have such eccentric personalities?

  7. MrGBH

    Anybody who’s read Spider-man for a few years has steadily grown to hate him.

  8. Linda

    Great comic. One of my favorite FF moments ever, and you guys were just pitch-perfect. This is just Spidey’s luck.

  9. Greg Manuel

    And yet, the FF STILL seems to have forgotten to do this themselves! THAT, to me is the funniest part about this strip!

  10. Farson89

    In the story where they met ‘God’ the big guy said they could only do it the once, although I can’t remember the reasoning (I don’t have the issue at hand).

  11. Gcat

    I like the new costume.

  12. Darkseid

    @Penguin: “Man, who would have thought artists would have such eccentric personalities?”

    Most of people I know would.

  13. Cory

    Heh, I just want to make sure I got the joke. Is it the Christian God who resents Spider-Man or Stan Lee? ‘cuz either way it’s funny, but one has the potential to be significantly funnier in future web comics…

  14. Cory

    Or should I say Steve Ditko, actually?

  15. Sean

    Yep, Ditko. 🙂

  16. Maki P

    What? The White thing is cool. Who else is wearing it? (I’ve been over at DC recently)

  17. A

    I read Spider-man from issue 300 and something and came back occasingly. I know I can’t be the only one who reads recent stuff and it seems to be a completely different character. Not a favorable comparison either. He doesn’t know anything. He just jokes and they give him these poor villians to fight. Look at what they did to Doc Ock. He’s more boy than man. Can we have the old guy back.

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