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  1. mordicai

    Oh my gosh, that hits the nail on the head. The reason people talk about effing stupid Dave Sim– seriously he is the worst– is because Cerebus is…pretty amazing. Problematic, yes– & again, eff you Dave Sim– but grandiose. That is what makes it an issue! Otherwise we’d all just ignore him.

  2. Thatguy

    Huh? What’d Scott Adams say to deserve being compared to Dave Sims?

  3. Brandon

    Basically compared the way society treats women to the coddling of children and mentally handicapped persons while lamenting the unfair treatment of men.

  4. Darkseid

    But he said that men who lament unfair treatment of men have no reason to complain and should grew a pair. He also said at the end of that blog post that comparing women to mentally challenged or children is not what he means.

  5. Pablo

    mister Darkseid.
    you know that saying ¨fuck you¨ and then say ¨i didnt insult you¨ doesnt mean nothing

  6. Darkseid

    Let’s just look at his quote:
    “I realize I might take some heat for lumping women, children and the mentally handicapped in the same group. So I want to be perfectly clear. I’m not saying women are similar to either group. I’m saying that a man’s best strategy for dealing with each group is disturbingly similar.”

    If something, that insults men, not women. Comparing him to Dave Sims is still unfair, if something, he is an an opposite.

  7. Stan Yan

    Wow. That’s disappointing. Of course, Darkseid is right. It’s not fair to compare him to Dave Sim. He can’t draw.

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