About last weekend
April 10th, 2011

About last weekend


  1. Rilkar

    The Evangelion one is even funnier if you’ve read the Rotten Tomatoes reviews of it.

  2. BornIn1142

    Rebuild of Evangelion is more like a nightmare for me.

  3. Heynow

    Mmm, Josh doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would care for Aquaman….

  4. Carl

    How could Geoff Johns or any comic writer bring Aquaman respect? The vast majority of Aquaman jokes come from non-comic readers who only know the character from Superfriends.

  5. Sean

    Make no mistake, there are PLENTY of comics readers whose opinion of Aquaman are formed by Superfriends, Family Guy and Robot Chicken gags, and overall misconceptions about the character.

  6. KainGerc

    don’t forget smallville

  7. Balesirion

    Oh, how I wish I could forget Smallville.

  8. Linda

    I thought A.C. on Smallville was fun, actually. And of course, the Brave and the Bold version is tops. How sad that non-comic properties are where Aquaman gets his props? In the comics, it’s all “SHLIKT, SORRY DUDE, YOU LOST YOUR HAND AGAIN!”

  9. KainGerc

    one arm is not enough if you ask me, we need to make him even more edgy.
    have him lose a leg, replace it with a wooden one and make him start talking like a pirate.
    that will make people stop making fun of him.

  10. Carl

    How could you have left South Park off your list of shows that disrespected Aquaman? Remember SeaMan?

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