Disassociate’s degree
April 17th, 2011

Disassociate’s degree


  1. John G

    I could actually buy that.

  2. KainGerc

    i have to agree with josh on this one.
    i kept waiting for something significant to happen in the series
    he goes upstairs, he turns on the water, he goes downstairs, he finds his rat.
    and then the series just ends
    i get it, he has issues with his parents…..so?!

  3. B

    ah, the last panel it’s funny because, in the real world, it would probably be true. and that’s also sad

  4. Munkiman

    Joe the Barbarian’s ending wasn’t that great – it was OK but not one of Morrison’s finest. Epic art, though.

  5. hermit

    the ‘it was all a dream’ schtick is getting old.

    i hated shutter island because of that. still love american psycho though.

  6. Linda

    Have we seen Captain Comics in the series before?

  7. Sean Whitmore

    We haven’t seen it, but it got an off-handed reference waaaaaay back in the day as “the big comic shop downtown”. 🙂

    No real significance yet, other than being a shop that’s too far away to be in direct competition with Josh’s.

  8. Linda

    It just struck me as weird seeing a comic shop at an inside mall. I haven’t seen one around here since Starlog moved out of the Mall of America, and that was 14 years ago.

    Josh & Co are lucky to be within (apparently) driving distance of 3 places that sell comics.

  9. Sean

    It’s largely autobiographical. Josh’s store is partly the store where I worked, Legends is kinda the nearby store where I shopped, and the place in this strip would be sort of like Golden Apple; just far enough out of the way that you wouldn’t go there unless you had other stuff to do in the area.

  10. Brandon

    I guess living in San Francisco has spoiled me. I have about a half dozen or so comic shops within driving/public transit distance.

  11. algeya

    poor bruce, I envy you so many comicbook shops in the area, where I live they are only bars and food

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