Caught in a bad review
April 23rd, 2011

Caught in a bad review


  1. Linda

    Oh my gosh, bursting a vessel at what happens in a comic ISN’T legitimate critique?

    Happy Easter, CC!

  2. Pablo

    like those losers on CBR could do a better review

  3. algeya

    critics critizacing critics nonsence!!
    I wonder how many visits got Josh for that supes review

  4. Linkara

    Is this an actual list? I couldn’t find it in the week leading up to this one.

    Also, I’d accept the B-Roll footage. It’s unfortunately rather fitting for those early issues of Grounded…

  5. Sean Whitmore

    Nah, no real list. Though I now wish the footage was real.

    “And then Roy Harper pulls out his most fearsome weapon…a dead cat!”


  6. Linkara

    I’m actually thinking of taking a very different approach to Rise of Arsenal later this year than I did with Cry for Justice, but I think people will like it. ^_^

  7. KainGerc

    what IS the point of the “grounded” storyline?
    it seems to consist of superman wandering around trying to figure out what the hell he is doing, or him meeting other superheroes who try to figure out what the hell he is doing.

  8. Jack Elam

    The point of the Grounded storyline was and is that Superman, having lost his entire planet for the second time, is having a nervous breakdown. Feeling more alien than ever, he starts to worry about corruption and injustice at grass-roots levels. He may become a danger to everyone. Meanwhile a shadowy enemy is manipulating him toward that end.

    Unfortunately, for no very good reason this is depicted via a thin and contrived gimmick spun out for over a year with the odd good bit (them aliens, the Super-Squad) floundering in an ocean without a current. It’s also a massive tragedy, because J. Michael Straczynski has essentially been preparing his entire life to write Superman, was good enough to write Superman, and could have written brilliant Superman comics forever, but instead made a fundamental mistake (ie the whole concept of Grounded beyond the nervous breakdown) that has destroyed his reputation and career in comics completely. Maybe Marvel will have him back. Otherwise Avatar is basically his last hope. Literally everyone on Earth despises him and no memory remains of anything good he may ever have done. He’s basically been murdered by his own childhood dream.

  9. Sean

    I think JMS is doing slightly better than that, what with the Earth One ogn series.

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