Synergy crisis
May 7th, 2011

Synergy crisis


  1. beta ray steve

    ‘Twould be a noble death to die at the hands of the Walt Simonson omnibus.

  2. MrGBH

    I watched the Thor movie.
    It was epic.

  3. B

    to hell with you beta ray steve, that was going to be my comment

  4. algeya

    is this based on a real life story??

  5. hermit

    free comic book day shouldn’t even be geared toward comic store, those who go there are usually already comic book buyers.

    my LCS stopped doing anything on FCBD a couple of years ago.

  6. Gcat

    I work at a comic book store part time. We had a lot of new faces in for Free Comic Book Day and kids. I was happy to see the amount of kids.

  7. Fysh

    Ah, Free Comic Book Day, a great industry-wide attempt at pretending that the combination of niche Direct Market shops and high cover prices is in no way related to decreasing readership numbers…

  8. hermit

    @Gcat: but will they come back.

    my LCS had a lot of new faces on that day, but only on that day.

  9. B

    do you guys plan on doing another smallville related comic, now that it has ended and all?

  10. Gcat

    @hermit: Not enough.

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