Watch the Smallville finale with Josh!

If you’re a fan of Smallville (or even if you’re not) and have a Twitter account (or even if you don’t), have we got Friday night plans for you!

Join esteemed comic critic Josh Sands (@JoshCritic) as he livetweets both hours of tonight’s momentous series finale!

For good or ill (mostly ill, let’s face it), this dopey little show that was once considered “Dawson’s Creek with super powers” has lasted for TEN YEARS and carved out a place for itself in the history of Superman. It’s not a place you may care to visit, but it’s there, and it’s rent-controlled. It practically has tenure.  And for all the moments of pain and the few moments of pleasure it’s brought our illustrious reviewer over the past decade, he’s not going to just let it slip into the sunset quietly.

Starts tonight at 8:00pm, PST. You will believe a man can bitch!!/JoshCritic


  1. Sean

    That was fun!

    (The tweeting, not the show)

    I kinda want to do it again. Someone let me know the next time one of the Fantastic Four movies is shown on TV!

  2. hermit



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