Geek mythology
May 24th, 2011

Geek mythology


  1. brianobx

    Poor Gabe:(

  2. John A Arkansawyer

    He went on to defeat Reb Ralston and served forty-seven years in the Senate. It’s all good.

  3. Dierna

    The main issue with Heimdall being played by Idris Elba is that in myths Heimdall is described as albino. He’s the “Whitest of them all”…

    I thought Idris did a great job playing the whitest of them all. There ARE records of black vikings so they were around…but still…Heimdall wasn’t one of em. *lol*

  4. Sean

    If I’d had any guts, I would have centered the joke around that whole “whitest of them all” bit. But I did not.

    Maybe we’ll do a director’s cut one day. 🙂

  5. algeya

    who really cares, its the thor comic book version if it was about the original thor that would be a different matter

  6. Brendan

    I note the “whitest” description of Heimdall is sometimes translated as “brightest.” The “light elves” of Alfheim and even Baldur sometimes get similar terminology applied to them. This is because the Norse associated light and by extension a bright shade of white, with both a good personality and physical beauty. You have to rely upon any provided context to try and determine which version they mean. The line about Heimdall is from the epic poem “Thrymskvitha,” which is mainly about Thor. The line is provided with virtually no context except that it compares Heimdall to the Vanir, a group of gods strongly associated with the sun.

    In other words, it could just as easily apply to Heimdall’s bright armor. In fact, he is described else where as having gold teeth, so maybe it just meant his glittering chompers. It most likely, however, had nothing to do with the shade of his skin.

  7. Gcat

    Then what I thought I saw in the trailer for Captain America was true. The Howling Commandos are going to be in the movie? Woot!
    (Geek attention to detail would have a fit if Private Gabe Jones wasn’t in the Howling Commandos.)
    Now I wonder if Nick Fury in the movie universe was alive during WW2 or just the Howling Commandos without him.

  8. MrGBH

    I think it’s going to be like the cartoon where Nick Fury’s grandfather was a Howling Commando.

    And Heimdall had some of the best moments in the movie, even when he wasn’t on screen.

    Volstagg: We can’t talk like that! What if Heimdall is watching?
    Messenger: Lord Heimdall wishes to speak with you.
    Volstagg: We’re doomed.

  9. Sean

    Check out the imdb page for the guy playing Dum Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough). Dude’s been in so much geek stuff, it’s unreal. He was a helmsman on Star Trek, Bison in Street Fighter (the one with Lana Lang), voice of the Hulk, voice of Green Arrow…

    And he was kind of the Tin Man once, if Oz counts as geek stuff.

  10. Sean

    You could be right, GBH. But personally, I’d much prefer to see a young Nick in WWII, with his age slowed down by something or other.

    The way I see it, if you didn’t fight Hitler, you don’t deserve to be the world’s top super spy in the present.

  11. jason

    that was damn funny! great comic guys!

  12. Frodo-X

    Still, the king of geek movies has to be Hugo Weaving. Agent Smith/Elrond/Voice of Megatron/Red Skull…He’s a walking comic convention!

  13. Dreadjaws

    Well, Ryan Reynolds is scaling that mountain too, what with him being Hannibal King, Green Lantern and soon Deadpool (soon, he’s never, ever played that character before, SHUT UP!).

    Also, hilarious comic.

  14. yo go re

    The biggest joke in this entire strip is the idea that you can actually find the Heimdal figure anywhere! (Yeah, I’m a bitter toy guy, what can I say? Release Series 2, Hasbro!)


  15. Sean

    You said it, yo go. This is a case where I really wish life imitated art.

  16. Maske Demascus

    People with mythological complaints should sooner start with Thor whose supposed to be a bloody redhead with a ginormous beard XD

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