Captain Island
June 5th, 2011

Captain Island


  1. Gcat

    I first saw this (and didn’t notice the shield on his back) and thought that Captain America had to find his shield among all the fakes, like in an ep of Jem where she had to find her earrings (They where some kind of computer) among all the fake earring.
    *Shows her age and hums “Truly, truly, truly, outrageous.”*

  2. Algeya

    I Was expecting dc reboot Comic, but this Spiderman island parody is fun

  3. guy

    Well, Josh can’t possibly have survived to reboot

  4. Linda

    Josh’s twitter inspired me to save over $25 this month!

  5. Morlock


    That…that is the most awesome example of geek worlds colliding i’ve ever read. you get 500 internets.

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