52 ways to leave your lover
June 25th, 2011

52 ways to leave your lover


  1. Brandon

    Josh will be tweeting his 52 comic commandments at http://twitter.com/#!/JoshCritic

  2. Frodo-X

    I liked the movie well enough, but then again, I have zero history with the character for it to piss me off about.

  3. algeya

    oh my god… surprised that Josh survived the reboot news, but on the other hand I cant say much about his sanity

  4. Linda

    Epic, can’t wait to see the commandments. I’m actually pretty shocked Josh didn’t just swear off DC at the announcement. He may as well take lighter fluid to his ubiquitous trade of Man of Steel.

  5. Sean

    Josh tried to update his Man of Steel trade, but the Siegels’ lawyers had it seized until the court case is over.

    Oh, shit, that could’ve been a comic. Quick, everyone forget I said that!

  6. MrGBH

    Let’s see now, what’s on my list of things I don’t give a crap about?
    1) DC.
    Huh, how about that?

  7. comixkid2099

    Sean, please do make that a comic. Even if we know it’s coming, it still sounds golden.

  8. algeya

    is comic critics going to san diego comicon, i luv to see you guys there

  9. Brandon

    >>is comic critics going to san diego comicon, i luv to see you guys there

    Not that I know of.

    I’m staying home this year to save money and vacation time for another vacation later in the year.

    Sean is in Southern California. But he hasn’t said he would be going to me.

  10. Sean

    Nah, not this year.

    I don’t know when SDCC became such a tough ticket to get, but they sold out long before I could devote any serious thought to going.

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