DC Crisis BBS

Looking around the net at thoughts about DC’s 52 relaunch got me thinking how it might have been like 25 years ago during the Crisis relaunch.

While their weren’t blogs and message boards as we currently know them, there were BBSs (Bulletin Board System).  I got to thinking what one might of been like duringhte Crisis relaunch of 1986. Click on the image for a larger version.



  1. Chuck E

    Not to be THAT type of fan, but……the Detriot JLA was around for a little while after the Crisis & wasn’t replaced by the JLI until at least a year later in after Legends. Otherwise, funny stuff.

  2. David

    Yes, deeply terrifyingly, one of the first things I thought of was that Vibe didn’t die until after the Crisis reboot. (How many brain cells are devoted to that sort of information? Yikes…) The thing about diversity and JLA Detroit was something I hadn’t thought of; I hope it does stick better this time, though I think getting away from the more stereotypical end of the spectrum (Vibe, Extrano, etc.) may help a lot this time around.

  3. David

    (Heck, am I the only one who saw the new New Guardians title and immediately thought of Extrano, Jet, Ram, etc.?)

  4. ThatNickGuy

    Heh heh. I made a similar joke with some friends once. We pretended we were in the 60s, when Spider-Man and Fantastic Four were just starting. We were all like “SPIDER Man? What kind of superhero is that? A bat works great for a superhero, but a spider? And what? They’re going to make him some High School kid? When the hell has THAT ever worked?”

  5. Brandon

    Huh. Guess I had the timing of the JLA:Detriot off a little from my wiki reading. Oh well. I had a few more that I didn’t use. Such as:

    and they are adding those crappy charlton characters!!! blue beetle??!!!! captian atom??!!!! they failed for a reason!!!

  6. Dreadjaws

    I’m pretty sure I saw a similar list on on of those Marvel’s humor issues, like “What if The Marvel Universe had gone crazy?” or something like that. Pretty funny, and along the same lines.

    I’m not saying you were copying them, I’m saying you’re all probably true by saying this is the kind of message we’d be getting.

  7. John R. Ellis

    The Detroit League really wasn’t all that diverse, until one figures in the retcon that made Gypsy into an actual Romani. Which happened years upon years later. That leaves one African American woman and one ill-conceived Puerto Rican, along with a few white people and one Martian. Whee.

    That said, the story J.M. DeMatteis wrote to close out that chapter of the League’s history is actually powerful and pretty cool. You know a writer is talented when VIBE seems heroic and noble. Albeit briefly.

    He made the interesting decision to portray Professor Ivo as sick. Not evil, not “comic book” insane, but really and truly sick. It made him into a chilling, unpredictable foe.

    (That’s part of the reason why, in later years, Morrison’s decision to make Ivo into just plain evil and comic book crazy AGAIN sort of broke my fascination with the JLA relaunch. Disappointing.)

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