July 5th, 2011



  1. ShadowWing Tronix

    I have to disagree with you on this one. While there is no “core” universe (Transformers had a comic and a cartoon at the same time and neither was connected to the other or at times the profiles on the back of the package) unless you make a case for the toys (the source material), there are elements that do qualify as a mythos just as much as Conan or Superman, each of whom has alternate continuities.

  2. Sean

    Just to be clear, you’re disagreeing with Marissa. I’m on your side. 🙂

  3. ADHadh

    I wouldn’t count Conan as a comic book movie. I would count it as a Conan movie.

  4. MrGBH

    When I hear Conan, I think of Arnie.

  5. Dreadjaws

    I believe there’s more logic in considering Transformers a comic book movie than Conan.

  6. Linda

    I’m reasonably sure that this is EXACTLY how Transformers like “Wreck-Gar” got their names.

  7. RaijinK

    I’m with Josh on Conan. I first learned about the character as a kid seeing my dad’s old collection of 70’s Conan comics (probably the first comics I ever read) and for years I believed the Schwarzenegger movie was based on them. Besides, there’s a pretty short line connecting the pulps that were Conan’s actual original medium to the cape comics that would be making up that list.

    Same deal with Transformers. Though my upbringing makes me think of that franchise as “toys first, cartoon second, comics I keep forgetting”, I’m aware that the comics were actually right at the head of the original multimedia blitz and still continue to shape that world in the way the more prominent outlets don’t.

    Marissa does have a point though. While Transformers DOES have a mythos, the fact that they do is hilarious, given only the silly base premise.

  8. Gcat

    Anyone see the Dylan Dog movie? I know one person who saw it and said it was awful, worse than the comic (Which I have read, Sadly.).

  9. nicky

    I remember Dylan Dog. It was OKAY, pretty forgettable though.

  10. Sean

    I saw Dylan Dog. It was…okay…ish.

    I actually had no idea it was based on a comic going in. I do remember sitting there thinking, “Wow, this movie sure has a lot of pointless throwaway moments. What was the point of him playing the clarinet for three seconds and then never again?” Only afterwards did I realize those things were bones being thrown to the comic fans.

  11. Alex

    Personally I find that Transformers has too many mythos/timelines. It made me laugh when the video game War for Cybertron was being billed as G1 canon, for example. In trying to marry elements from the Bay films to G1 they have effectively made yet another timeline. Let’s not go into how badly some of the transformers stuff negates itself (the cartoon Constructicons having what, three different origins?).

  12. Sean

    Heh, I think Hasbro backed off that idea of WFC being official G1 canon as soon as they realized nobody was having it. Now it’s just sort of the official-unofficial shared continuity between the games, the novels, and the ‘Prime’ cartoon. (And I guess the movies, kinda sorta, to a extent)

  13. Jay

    Transformers needs a Crisis event to clean up all the different dimensions.

  14. Alex

    I always got the feeling that that was what Universe was heading towards. One Unicron summoning bad guys from across the dimensions to battle a force for good likewise summoned. Nemesis Prime with the Dead Matrix. Vector Prime with Sentinal Maximus and Omega Prime….. epic battles for all the ages. But, they always come out with new timelines for the new toylines, soOOooo…..

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