Revisionless history
July 12th, 2011

Revisionless history


  1. KainGerc

    the moral is: screw character development, GO status quo (i.e. “one more day”, Bucky as captain America or the entire dc universe)

  2. Juan

    I question the underlying moral of Green Lantern #67…

  3. Tigerkaya

    Hey I liked Bucky as Cap. At least his return was handled better than Jason Todd.

  4. Tigerkaya

    Wait maybe its Moon Knights #1 fan Cosplayer-Man dressing up as Daredevil now. From Moon Knight, to Wolverine, Spider-Man and Bullseye how does Cosplayer-Man do it?

  5. MrGBH

    Daredevil killed Bullseye? AWESOME!
    Uh, I mean. Killing is wrong. Don’t do it kids. That’s what vigilantes are for.

  6. KainGerc

    my point with Bucky as cap is that you can pretty much ignore it ever happened now because *spoilers for “Fear Itself”* Bucky is dead again and Steve is cap again

    like or hate bucky as cap that just seems lazy and uninspired.

  7. Sean

    Oh, but Marvel needed to have Cap-as-Steve books on the shelves by the time the movie came out!

    The recent onslaught of minis and one-shots (and cancelled ongoings) starring a WWII-era Steve in the past year weren’t enough, oh-no. All those newly printed trades collecting great old Steve stories wouldn’t do it either. Steve has to be Cap in every book available to satiate the hordes of new fans who will come rushing into stores on July 23rd.

  8. KainGerc

    sigh, at least that’s AN excuse(not a very good one mind you, how much of a “horde” will this move really attract), what can DC say for itself after doing the same thing again(what is it the third, fourth time already?) for all of it’s books and not just for one or two

  9. ally

    Bullseye needs a permadeath!

    love these comics, following uu on inkoutbreak one of my favorites.

  10. Linda

    Hilarious, but you guys forgot to draw something conveniently blocking DD’s eyes in every single panel.

  11. Jeremy

    Mark Waid did say he would address Matt Murdock trying to walk back into his life like nothing happened.

    But of course, this might be a bit different for Bendis, who will do whatever Bendis pleases.

  12. Animaniac

    Wait.. the Avengers are Spider-man, Luke Cage and Iron Fist?

    Josh’s Movie seems short these essential characters…

  13. Greg Manuel

    Not very excited about this relaunch. Just lemme know when a Daredevil writer has the balls to actually depict Matt Murdock in a courtroom PRACTICING LAW.

  14. Allegretto

    ^A la Phoenix Wright?

    Marvel vs Capcom 3 should have had Matt Murdock vs Phoenix Wright.

  15. John R. Ellis

    Greg: Reading the first issue, we do see Matt in the courtroom, but he doesn’t have much chance to practice law, given that Waid isn’t ignoring the whole “blown identity” thing.

    I was pleasantly surprised. Waid isn’t ignoring anything that’s come before, but he makes a good case for why Matt Murdock might -try- to. And how he’s in for a rude awakening.

    Regardless, very funny strip. I get the feeling this -is- how it’ll be handled in Bendis’ Avengers. *grin*

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