Men are from Mars, women are from the Shi’ar Imperium
August 15th, 2011

Men are from Mars, women are from the Shi’ar Imperium


  1. Kwame

    Very smooth Josh. As for all the “outrage” for the new Ult. Spidey, I welcome it. Anyone who doesn’t care about comics will forget about it (which seems to be the case already) and the stragglers who remember will most likely check out the first issue and then stragglers of the stragglers that decide to keep reading will gradually branch out to other comics. Yay new readers!

  2. Sean

    Excellent point. People can dismiss such “headline-grabbing tactics” all they like, but this has a better chance of attracting new comic readers than randomly restarting titles at issue #1.

  3. Declan

    I don’t know Sean, think of how many web reader you could bring in by restarting this sereis at #1. 170 has way to much continuity to just be able to jump onto right.

  4. KainGerc

    from what i got from the “new” spider-man is that he acts and talks pretty much like the old spider-man (besides the fact that all of Bendis’s characters sound the same anyway) .
    so basically we get the exact same character only with a different origin story (also now we can write an issue or two about racial issues).

  5. Sean

    @Declan – I think we may just start a concurrent series, Ultimate Comics: Ultimate Comic Critics.

    @KainGerc – I’m not willing to speculate too much, since I haven’t read Ultimate Fallout or any of the promotions surrounding the new Spidey. But I’d be surprised if Miles turned out to be just like Peter.

    (There are those who say all Bendis-written characters sound the same anyway, but that’s a separate issue)

  6. ShadowWing Tronix

    Miles isn’t Peter, so he can be whatever they want him to be. It just feels rushed to get him out there for some reason. Plus there’s the cartoon coming.

    In Josh’s defense I don’t think he realized Joyce liked him until AFTER he said that, unless I missed a strip.

  7. Jay

    I’ve been there, man…

  8. RaijinK

    I love the way Joyce gradually slides across the seats towards Josh and then back again. Almost missed the similar sliding of the dress strap.

    On Miles being nearly the same as Peter personality-wise: I think that’s great. I’m all for legacy characters as a way to keep things fresh as time marches on without straining suspension of disbelief. There’s always the fans that say they prefer the old character better though, and for whatever various reasons for that, at least if they’re written similarly you should be able to say everything you liked about the old guy you would still like about the new guy. You may say that’s pointless, but I prefer it to having the same Peter Parker be the same high-school kid for over a decade. Having two different people with similar personalities is natural enough.

  9. Linda

    Hahaha, OUCH. All of that build-up for Joyce finally getting Josh to pay attention to her, and then this.

    Here’s to hoping Josh can recover a LITTLE bit…I would like to see them hook up. Sort of like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

  10. Alegretto

    Awww… I kinda wanted them to hook up…

  11. algeya

    poor Josh, anyway last comicon I heard some cute teen girls that were surprised that Obama did appear on a spiderman comic

  12. ThatNickGuy

    Geez. at least Jason over at the Multiplex comic gets some action before royally screwing up.

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