One-upmanship in the U.K.
August 30th, 2011

One-upmanship in the U.K.


  1. ShadowWing Tronix

    That’s our Doctor. {canned laughter}

  2. Linkara

    You seriously need to make this concept into a spin-off webcomic.

  3. Frank

    To be fair, it wasn’t just a demon, but Lucifer himself. I think he’s above Galactus in the cosmic hierarchy, right?

  4. BornIn1142

    This kind of masturbatory writing is one of my biggest problems with Doctor Who.

  5. Sean


    Depends on the universe, I suppose. Galactus doesn’t think Mephisto is particularly impressive, for instance.

  6. Timothy

    @BornIn Yeah, I love Doctor Who but my major complaint is that it’s too awesome. Which isn’t really that bad, it just requires a little more suspension of disbelief from time to time.

  7. Silent-Hal

    It’s actually become a plot point recently that all of his enemies are scared to death of the guy. Pretty much the entire premise of The Pandorica Opens and A Good Man Goes to War anyway.

  8. Kael

    Fantastic – love the concept and agree with Linkara – would make superb ‘occasional’ spin-off.

  9. maarvarq

    The thing I didn’t like about A Good Man Goes to War was the way it tried to be totally awesome in lieu of an actual plot.

  10. Urthman

    There was an issue of X-Men where aliens are invading the earth and one of the alien flunkies is reading with increasing horror a computer report about the planet: …homeworld of the current Sorcerer Supreme?…EXECUTED the Kree Supreme Intelligence?!…has in recent history repelled GALACTUS?!…WE’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!

  11. Hamdinger

    Well let’s be honest Galactus and Surfer are pathetic jokes these days anyways so it’s not much of a feat by the Doctor anyways. Ya, and I agree completely with Bornin1142 about the show too.

  12. ArkaneArkade

    Right. I don’t understand it… I get the comic, but can someone explain who John is for me?

  13. Linda

    Love this. I hope this team-up keeps popping up in the future now and again!

  14. Linda

    ArkaneArkade – it’s John Constantine. You can get some context (but not much) in this strip:

  15. MrGBH

    Galactus would squeeze the Doctor to death like a squeezy toy.

    I never could get into Doctor Who. I tried watching it a few times, but it just didn’t interest me.

  16. don1138

    Ha! Theta Sigma vs. Galen in a “destroyer of worlds” pissing contest? Great catch — Plus one for you guys!

  17. Sean Whitmore

    Aren’t you in the UK, GBH? I thought it would be like treason not to like Doctor Who there!

  18. Frodo-X

    I’m sure the UK has plenty of hipsters who hate it for being too mainstream, Sean.

    (Not accusing MrGBH of this, BTW, just saying…I’m sure they’re there.)

  19. Silent-Hal

    I don’t know about that, but there sure are a lot of people who seem to hate it now solely because Russell T Davies doesn’t write it or David Tennant isn’t the Doctor anymore. Personally I think the Moffat/Smith run is the best it’s been since returning, but what can you do…

  20. Frodo-X

    I agree. Season Five was amazing, and Six is good so far, too.

  21. MrGBH

    I never got into any series of the show, no matter who was playing the Doctor.

    And despite my dislike of the show I drink enough tea and keep my upper lip stiff enough to retain my Brit card.

  22. Magnus

    I enjoy Doctor Who and love Smith’s Doctor and I find the punchline of this comic to be funny.

    But this is not how a meeting between the Doctor and Galactus would go.

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