The heart wants what it doesn’t know it wants
September 7th, 2011

The heart wants what it doesn’t know it wants


  1. MrGBH

    And now the tables have turned.
    There is a very small part of me that feels sorry for Josh, but it’s drowned out by the much larger part that’s laughing at his pain.

  2. Jay

    I want Josh and Joyce to get together! Then we can set up an amalgamation of their names like “Brangelina”. It can be…Joyce…or…Josh…


  3. Silent-Hal

    So are Josh and Marissa actually friends or do they just hang out begrudgingly because they have no one else?

  4. Sean Whitmore

    There’s a difference?

    Yikes, I might not have any friends in real life….

  5. The Alliterator

    I second GBH, except for the part about feeling sorry for Josh in any way.

  6. JelloKZ

    @Jay, how about “Joysh”?

  7. RaijinK

    By the third panel I almost thought Josh’s self-deprecation had it a level enough to make Marissa momentarily drop the sarcasm and actually offer some friendly sympathy, but no. Their friendship is seriously built entirely on antagonism.

  8. algeya

    poor Josh, I like comic critics more than lets be friends and gutters I hope you dont lose against them,

  9. RaijinK

    “Lose”? Is there some kind of inter-comic-themed-webcomic competition going on? What do they get if they win?

  10. Sean

    A can of macaroni and an 8×10 glossy autographed by a guy who met Jack Kirby at a convention.

  11. benfromcanada

    I hope this clears the way for Josh and Marissa to get together.

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