Some short thoughts about this week’s books

I’m gonna try to do this a little more often. I’m not a proper reviewer like Josh and Marissa, so this is just a few random thoughts to give an idea of what I’m into and not into at the moment. Basically what Josh has already been doing on Twitter, without having to keep in-character. And I’d like to hear what you guys are thinking week to week as well!


Action Comics #1: This one is bound to be a little decisive, given people’s strong opinions of what Superman “should” be. (God knows I have them too) Luckily, as far as I’m concerned, this interpretation doesn’t go against them at all. It’s definitely a young, cocky Superman who’s not quite reached his ideal characterization yet, but he’s still a guy who helps people in need because it’s the right thing to do, which automatically puts this Supes over “Smallville” and “Earth One” in my eyes. Oh, and it also has a Lex Luthor appearance that rivals his utterly awesome indirect takedown of Swamp Thing back in the Alan Moore days.

Detective Comics #1: I would use the word “trite” to describe this, but even that suggests more imagination than the story contains. Thrill as Batman fights a charm-less, unfunny Joker and the Gotham PD while saying things like “I own the night”.

Hawk and Dove #1: Move along, people, nothing new to see here. Good book for hardcore Hawk and Dove fans who want to know what is and isn’t canon in the new universe, but tough to recommend to a new reader (or even existing fans who want something more than a history lesson).

Incredible Hulks #635: (A week late, but whatever) I haven’t loved all of Greg Pak’s Hulk run, as a couple of strips have suggested. “Planet Hulk” was good, “World War Hulk” was terrible, “World War Hulks” and the lead-up with Skaar was mostly bad, and the Hulk Family stuff since then has been a mixed bag. I have enjoyed the latest wishing well story, and this conclusion is no exception. The reset button is leaned on for a few characters, but all to their benefit. It also provides a nice capper for Pak’s 5-year run as a whole, showing how Banner has come.

Justice League International #1: Not much to see here either. A poor introductory issue for new readers, and nothing particularly new or interesting for old fans. If you liked the Justice League books between the time Giffen left and Morrison arrived, this’ll be up your alley.

New Avengers Annual #1: Kinda feels like we’re back in “Disassembled” territory here, with heroes acting wildly out of character and doing dumb things for badly-explained reasons, all the while trying to convince the readers that what’s happening isn’t stupid through painfully bad exposition that sounds like it’s been culled from interviews.

Swamp Thing #1: I was kinda hoping we’d be past this point by the end of “Search for Swamp Thing”, but that’s my fault for buying that series, not Snyder’s. This was perfectly good setup, if a little slow.

Wolverine #15: Not Jason Aaron’s fault–at least not entirely–but this is a ludicrous time to be doing a story called “Wolverine No More”. What should be some real, horrible pain that Logan is going through can’t help but feel like a momentary pity party in light of the fact that he’s at the very center of the relaunch of the X-Franchise.




  1. magnetowasright

    The main thing i took away from Swamp Thing is that Yanick Paquette is freaking amazing.

  2. Munkiman

    Animal Man and Action Comics were the best from DC this week. And Hulk was awesome, as usual (Parker’s Hulk that is, not Pak’s Incredible, which I didn’t read – Hulk was the only Marvel book I got this past week). Swamp Thing was great, too. Also Static. That’s my top five, I guess. You really should check out Animal Man.

  3. Sean

    Oh, I did, Animal Man was very good. This wasn’t my complete list, just the ones where I had a little extra to say. 🙂

  4. Owen

    Yep, Animal Man was my favourite, too. I also really loved Action Comics.

  5. Dierna

    I actually liked JLI. *shrugs*…. But then again some folks liked Batgirl and well… I didn’t 😛

    But Animal Man IMO was the best of the bunch despite the creepy ending.

    Are u guys gonna mention the lady from Flashpoint 5 that’s appearing in a Where’s Waldo type senario in EVERY DCNu book? That’s about the real excitement…playing Where’s Waldo (Waldette?) with DCnu 😛

  6. Sean

    Bleeding Cool has the rundown on Flashpoint Lady:

    Seems a little silly to me, to be honest. I’m not sure if DC is just trying to work a backdoor into this reboot or is setting up some future crossover, but either way, it’s not to the benefit of the new readers they’re supposed to be trying to attract.

  7. Ziah Grace

    God, I hated Tec’ #1. Maybe if I hadn’t had it recommended it to me by two sites, and my usually trustworthy comic shop owner, I would be less bitter. And man, oh man, was I amazed by the art in Animal Man and Swamp Thing.Speaking of great art, Wolverine: Debt of Death anyone? David Aja has some amazing motion/detail/layouts in his comics.

  8. Silent-Hal

    Yeah, I thought Detective Comics was, well, a bit crap other than the creepy ending. Who’s going to take a Batman who says stuff like “I am Gotham” seriously? Batwing and Batgirl were both superior Bat-books IMO.

  9. Kevin Street

    “Good book for hardcore Hawk and Dove fans…”


    Are there such people? Theoretically, every character is supposed to be someone’s favorite, but Hawk and Dove? Rob Liefeld’s version of Hawk and Dove? It’s like being a fan of the Yugo, or Transylvanian boy bands. Someone out there must genuinely like these things, but good luck finding them.

    With books like Miller and Lee’s ASBARTBW and Batman Odyssey I think DC has finally tumbled to the rich possibilities inherent in the crazy market. Just get some famous writer or artist from the past to crank out a book, as crazy and ridiculous as possible, and people will pay good money to see how awful it can be.

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