Tyroc the boat
September 16th, 2011

Tyroc the boat


  1. Brandon

    For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyroc

  2. James

    “So awesome”.
    I’m dying here! Seriously, this might just be my favourite “Comic Critics!” ever!

  3. Bill Walko

    Nicely done! File “Tyroc” under “stuff you can’t make up.”

  4. NewtypeS3

    I love Tyroc, and even I admit his origins were pretty screwed up.

  5. brianobx

    Two panels in, I new it was going to be great:)

  6. Pfenix

    Ha this is funny. But as an 11 year old or so, the racial undertones didn’t even occur to me. maybe as a white kid in Utah, having not experienced the racism both ways that occured(s) in large cities and in the south, i was blissfully ifnorant. I thought Tyroc was cool, I liked his costume, and I thought it was cool to be from a community separated from the world. knowing the back story now after hearing it from the creaters, I’m sad that it was brought about that way. But as an 11 year old in 1976 ish when he debuted. It was cool. great cover too!

  7. Kael

    That’s just a little too scary. How the hell did we, as a species, make it to the 21st Century?

  8. Frodo-X

    Bow ties are cool!

  9. Linda

    I sort of imagine a LOT of those sorts of conversations taking place today at DC offices.

    “We’ll label Africa as controlled by apes in Flashpoint! That ought to clear everything up.”

  10. Ciro

    And who are they supposed to be?? that Murray Boltinoff guy?? Infantino??

  11. adam ford

    Damn you guys are on fire at the moment. This is so, so good. Thanks.

  12. algeya

    are really fanboys like that??

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