I am an Avenger too
September 25th, 2011

I am an Avenger too


  1. algeya

    since bendis took over avengers everyone kinda invited in that club,
    I remember one issue of thunderbolts (busiek as the writter) when hawkeye told the villains that the avengers will never accept killers like punisher and wolwerine in their ranks

  2. Iden


    Oh man that preview really was embarrassing/painful to read. I generally stick up for Bendis and his Avengers (well, the New Avengers run between Secret War and Siege as well as the Dark Avengers run) but for me that sequence took the self-referentiality and meta-response-to-internet-comments a bit too far for me to defend. There’s also this tendency towards superhero back-slapping that feels pretty awkward in Bendis’s Avengers.

    That said I really enjoyed New Avengers Annual #1 and can’t wait for the Avengers Annual #1 follow up. I hope Bendis doesn’t just cop-out of The Hero Formerly Known As Wonder-man’s criticism/brutal-attack by writing him off as “a crazy person” when he’s made a fairly good case.

  3. MrGBH

    And yet they still say that Deadpool isn’t good enough.

  4. Jay

    Oh man, this was one of the best strips yet!

    My absolute favourite is the costume party one with the women in refrigerators joke.

  5. Paul

    Bendis and his bag of tricks in his Avengers run are hilarious.

    Using Hawkeye to validate a new member, having Wolverine get his ass kicked to show how strong a character is, and not acknowledging relationships of characters that have been established before (Cap distrusts Wolverine and thinks he’s nothing more than a killer?) or the happenings in other books (Iron Man is somewhat rich in Avengers and broke ass poor in Invincible Iron Man?) are some choice gems.

  6. Chris K

    Love all the cameos in your comic strip. Seeing Cerebus also really cool! Love the obscure characters!

  7. Marc

    Yeah, even though I like Bendis on most stuff I just can’t buy his Avengers. He’s said repeatedly that he thinks the Avengers should be like the JLA and have the main heroes of the Marvel universe but in order to do that he just forces characters onto the group, nevermind they don’t fit. Wolverine and Spider-Man should not be on the Avengers. Their presence on the team detracts from the characters.

  8. Ziah Grace

    @Paul, New Avengers #7, I believe answered the Captain America & Wolverine thing.

    And you know what? I’ve been wanting Spider-Man on the Avengers since I started reading comic books. What makes him any less worthy than flipping Wonder Man? Wolverine might be in too many books, but if he fits a story, then he should be used. Bendis might have a bit too much on his plate right now, but I loved the beginning, and I’ve liked arcs at a time. He’s a good writer, and I’d rather have Spider-Man on there than Moondragon, or Jack of Hearts, or FREAKING Starfox. Yeah. I’m totally sure that Spider-Man and Wolverine detract the team more than the Space God with Sex Powers.

  9. Ziah Grace

    Still, I didn’t mean that to be entirely negative. I thought the actual strip was hilarious and a great parody of some of Bendis’ foibles.

  10. Marc

    @Ziah – When I said their presence detracts from the characters, I meant the characters THEMSELVES, Spider-Man and Wolverine. Wolverine is too much of an anti-hero for the Avengers, and Spidey is a loner. Putting them on the team goes against those very defining characteristics and makes the characters less interesting. It’s not that they’re not worthy (Spider-Man is my favorite character, he’s more worthy than anyone else in my book), it’s that they just don’t fit the team. Their presence there is terribly forced. It worked during the whole Dark Reign thing because it was all improvised and they were always on the run, and it seemed like it was a temporary thing. But those two on the regular Avengers team? I don’t buy it.

  11. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida

    So.. What, did you quit or something? I discovered this strip just before you posted the one above, read the entire thing in a day, recommended it to many people, and now it’s almost a month since you posted a new one?

    Please come back. This strip is great. I need more!!


  12. Brandon

    We went on a brief hiatus due to vacation (me) and moving (Sean). We’ll be back in a little while. I just received the script for the next comic from Sean so we should have a new comic up in a week or so.

  13. algeya

    thank god, glad that you two still alive, lately lets be friends again is stealing your readership

  14. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida


  15. Maki P

    You’re talking about Red Hulk, aren’t you? (Thad’s changed, I swear!)

  16. Sean Whitmore

    Sorry we’ve been away so long. We won’t let you down again.

    (Now you know the truth, I’ve been watching Superman II all this time)

  17. Rg

    My issue with Bendis and much of Marvel is that there does not seem to be any concern about continuity in existing books as well as characters existing personality traits. For example, the Avengers have said many time that they do not kill, and it led to a chasm in the Kree Shiar war. However, this edict now seems to be ignored. Secondly, having spider man wolverine and the thing in multiple books just dilutes the team and also shows in my mind a certain creative laziness. If you go back and look at the older marvel books if characters from different books came across each other there was a greater attempt to maintain continuity in their respective books. My other problem with Bendis is that at $4 a book, I want to be able to read a chapter in a story or a self contained story and not a series of splash pages or six pages of panels where the point could have been made in one or two

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