House of Disappointment
October 26th, 2011

House of Disappointment


  1. Farson89

    “In the nightmare, Marvel turned Fear Itself into an ongoing starting with issue #7.4”


  2. Damon

    Now I’ll have dreams of Jeph Loeb make Ultimates 3 into the sequel for the Avengers movie. Thanks Comic Critics!

  3. Schmakt

    Yes! A new strip! 🙂
    and an hilarious one at that… Fear Itself is awful.

  4. kaingerc

    awesome strip!
    i think i had this nightmare once, but it was frank miller as mephisto and he told me to sell him my goddamn soul or else he was going to make a sequel to the spirit!

    also, with what they did to Amanda Waller the granny goodness possibility is really scary.

  5. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida

    Some individual bits of Fear Itself were really good. But, as FI gets stretched out longer and longer, until infinity, those bits seem smaller and smaller in comparison.

  6. Nick

    Awesome strip,good way to catch up on some of the jokes you could have missed.

  7. Alex

    What a comeback.

  8. Silent-Hal

    ULTIMATUM 2: All Your Favourite Characters DIE!!!

    Loooeeebbbbbbb!!!! D:

  9. shadowbladeprime

    i know i’m pre-empting this but nontheless- damn you Loeb for ruining Nova

  10. Linda


  11. Bill Walko

    Haha, great strip this week– you’ve tapped into my comic book related fears, for sure!

  12. Romanticide


  13. JelloKZ

    Agh, panel 4 hurts now.

  14. Sean

    Doesn’t it?

    Y’all can’t say I didn’t warn you.

  15. Linwood Knight

    Panel 5 hurts even worse than Panel 4.

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