All geeked up with nowhere to go
November 2nd, 2011

All geeked up with nowhere to go


  1. Dreadjaws

    Heh, after all these years, Josh still hasn’t figured out Marisa doesn’t care about Superhero comics. I can’t blame him, I do the same all the time.

    That’s why girls run away. And guys too, actually.

  2. Schmakt

    so glad to have this strip back on a seemingly regular schedule! 🙂

  3. B

    Guys, I love your strip, but why do you always rip on the Ultimate Universe? That thing is awesome

  4. Pablo

    fear itself was pretty good….before #4 issue.
    Daredevil is still one of the best things…ever…. and i mean ¨creation of life¨ ever.
    Uncanny X-force.. by far the best x-men book i ever read.
    Wolverine and the x-men were awesome.
    regular Punisher? both completely awesome.
    and the spider island event was pretty entertained.
    but hell yeah i have to read Habibi.
    but the strip was pretty hilarious. keep the good work!

  5. David

    Would love to know what Josh thinks of Schism and the return of the X-school.

  6. algeya

    yea comic critics is back, kick that gutters webcomic behind, you rock,
    anyway starfire is so last month stripper catwoman is in.

  7. Jesse

    I dunno, I think the New 52 surpassed my expectations quite easily. Sure books that I expected to suck like Static Shock, Men of War, Suicide Squad, and Mr. Terrific did indeed suck; but a lot of books that I initially dismissed like I,Vampire, O.M.A.C., Detective Comics, and the Flash surpassed my expectations.

  8. Munkiman

    Dude, all the Ultimate books are incredible right now. I don’t know what Josh is talking about.

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