Meetings of the mindless
December 1st, 2011

Meetings of the mindless


  1. Nikolai

    hahahaha, that’s great

    did not see Kevin Grevioux coming. If his wish came true, Josh’d totally kick himself for not saying Grant.

  2. Alex

    Ah, reminds me of the time Ellis was relating a story about a fan tracking him down at his local pub (Barkeep: Warren, there’s someone in the back waiting for you. He says you’re famous!).

  3. mordicai

    Oh man, that Grevioux thing effing slayed me.

  4. shadowbladeprime

    I’d hang with Frank Miller- i’d take him to the nearest occupy protest sit back get some popcorn out and see how long he lasts

  5. Paul

    Kevin Grevioux is a towering sight. I totally believe he could beat up vampires and turn into a werewolf in his spare time.

  6. Travis

    Is that the infamous Indiana Jones “World Map” back there on Josh’s wall?

  7. Brandon

    That’s Jamal’s room.

    It’s one of xkcd’s maps of the internet.

  8. Whitster

    I think you’ll find Ellis will be found drinking in Essex not London mostly.

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