Probably should have said something about this sooner, to save you folks the heartbreaking disappointment of checking the site every week only to find the same dopey Smallville comic.

Brandon and I are taking the opportunity to revamp and streamline the site a little, playing around with the format of the strip and blog section to hopefully allow for quicker updates and more reader interaction. In other words, we’re desperate for readers. Seriously, how’re we gonna sell T-shirts and stuff with, like, 10 people reading the comic every week? That’s a bad business model, people! If Brandon and I wanted to go broke, we’d open up a comic book shop!

(Ooh, that one stung a little, didn’t it? That’s called the sting of truth)

So basically, we’re doing a New 52. Only with no renumbering, no retcons, and no stupid collars or excess lines. Okay, so it’s not very much like the New 52. Except we will have a slight moderate generous horrific increase in exploitative sexism. Whatever it takes!

Anyway, we hope to be back up and running as soon as possible. You can keep an eye right here for updates, and/or follow Josh and Marissa on Twitter. Considering the change in status quo we’ve just introduced, you can expect both of them to have a lot to say about a great many things very soon.



Thanks for following us this far, and we hope to entertain you even more through 2012! Maybe even make a shocking announcement or two.

(And tell your friends about us. Seriously, I wanna get in on this T-shirt racket)




  1. Schmakt

    Argh! I don’t have twitter, so expect that 4 or 5 hits per day are from me waiting for an update… Good luck! 🙂

  2. Alex


  3. algeya

    Just update more

  4. Josh

    I love your comic but honestly your updates are so infrequent anyway that I didn’t notice any difference.

  5. Kwame

    Exploitative Sexism? count me in!

  6. MrGBH

    Kinda hard to notice a lack of updates when you’re as irregular as you are already (I know it’s a pot calling a kettle, but my point is still valid).

  7. ThatNickGuy

    I love Comic Critics, but I think this is a good call. It’s disheartening to see a good comic only updated MAYBE once every couple of weeks. To be honest, from what I’ve seen of successful comics, you need to be consistent with your updates. Even if it’s only once a week or two or three times a week, it needs to be consistent. Otherwise, you fall into the trap of VG Cats and become a running joke.

    I, for one, welcome our future rebooted overlords.

  8. Bob

    I keep coming back here at least once a week just to revisit the archives. Any new comics and/or commentary is basically gravy.

  9. comixchik

    Yeah, I agree with thatnickguy. If you want a successful webcomic, you need to update on a consistent schedule. Otherwise people stop bothering to come back and see if you have a new page out.

    A firm hiatus end-date would be good too. It’s been over a month, some people are going to think hiatus equals abandoned and delete their bookmarks.

  10. Brandon

    Sean recently sent me four scripts of the new format comics. We are most likely going to get all those done first in order to work out the new format and slightly altered character styles.

    Hopefully if all things go well, we should have new material up by the end of the month if not sooner.

  11. Animaniac

    thanks for the update

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