2/14/2012 – We’re baa-aack!

Your long nightmare of living in a world where we don’t bitch about ephemera several times a month is finally over.

As you can see from today’s comic, we’re trying out a shorter format. This will both decrease the time between updates, and shake off some long-winded writing habits of my own. (Let’s face it,  a month ago this comic would have been 4 panels longer and ended on the same joke) Once we’ve gotten into a rhythm, we’ll aim for consistent updates on specific days, so you can stop checking for new comics at random. 

In another effort to make us more closely resemble Penny Arcade, we’re going to increase the presence of the blog section, previously the redheaded stepchild of the site. There’ll be a new blog update to coincide with each new comic, in which we’ll discuss the strip, talk about recent comic news, feature actual reviews, pimp our merchandise (y’know, someday, theoretically), or just post pictures of baby ducks wearing cute hats.  

So enjoy it while you can, because God only knows there’s every chance things will go back to seed within a month.


Quotable quotes from the world of comics:

“And Whilce Portacio, bless him, but surely he should try holding the pen in his hand.”
Paul O’Brien, House to Astonish



  1. Animaniac

    Is it bad that I’m excited to see these duck pictures you speak of?

  2. ThatNickGuy


    *ahem* Yes, well…*straightens himself up*

    That is to say…I am quite pleased by this sudden return.

  3. adam ford

    Welcome back guys – you were missed.

  4. MrGBH

    I’m not sure if it’s really worthwhile having a blog post for each comic. After all, if people want to talk about the comic, we can just do it on the comic’s own post.

    Oh yeah, welcome back too.

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