The grey (temples)
February 17th, 2012

The grey (temples)


  1. Wally East


    As an aside, both Mt. Rushmore and Niagra Falls are so completely skippable.

  2. Joe

    I was expecting a “Superman: Grounded” reference…I am pleasantly surprised.

  3. MrGBH

    There’s something about your American landmarks like Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore that just seems kind’ve big-headed to me.

  4. Mike

    Love it. Poor Josh.

  5. Penguin

    Go get ’em, Josh.

    I envision his journey back as something similar to Lee Marvin’s determined and downright frightening walk down that endless hallway in “Point Blank.”

    Or, in a more appropriate analogy, Superman’s flight to stop the war at the end of Kingdom Come #3. Will Melissa be his Captain Marvel?

  6. Alex

    I have a simple out look on Before Watchman. I wont buy them because I’m not interested. If they do good for DC, good for them because I would like to see comic companies grow. I just wont be a part of it.

  7. Gapalanaky

    I agree with you Alex. I came to that solution when Marvel was putting out a new crossover “event” two or three times a year.

  8. Mike

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t reboot with a #1

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